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 "When a new kit comes must WIP it!" - Suncoast Armorer

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Greetings and salutations from the moon of Endor to the dark alleyways of Detroit.

Only kidding! Hi to everyone from the Aiwha Riders and beyond.

My journey, as I have observed others to be, began long before I had aspirations of actually joining up with the Mercs. Because of that, while my kit is still indeed very much a work in progress, much of this WIP posting covers my initial kit build that was created for DragonCon 2021 - what seems like an eternity ago now. Since then I've had help from so many people that it would be easier to name the people who haven't contributed...Jane from Cleveland I'm looking specifically at you. Everyone else has been great though, including Thorssen and Associates Workshop in California, Jim Tripon Costuming, and of course the cast of thousands which has been my local clan leadership and members.

So without further ado...let's go back in time and see how this all went down.

Always good to begin with a guide, and thanks to the internet I was able to find this picture which I then applied The Force.....OF MATH to and converted things into numbers that would work for my height:

With measurements in hand, and DragonCon looming larger by the day, I initially had planned to cut the material for my flightsuit completely by hand from a Simplicity pattern at the fabric store.

Funny thing, time waits for no man, or Armorer for that matter, and I bailed on that idea and followed the path of some other enterprising Mercs by buying, and then altering, walmart brand medical scrubs. Time saving, and economical too. I made sure to buy them a couple sizes up so there would be enough material to make the side stitchwork and pockets workable.

One of The Armorer's iconic pieces of kit is most definitely the forging apron/leather skirt that she wears. Here too I was faced with decision - dive headfirst into leatherwork which was something that was new to me at that time, or find a suitable leather substitute and get to work. This then is option 2!

While this worked well for going as a casual at DragonCon, it wasn't going to be up to spec for an on-screen character in the Mercs. Hence, version 2 is now part of my kit, courtesy of Jim Tripon costuming. Real leather and built to my measurements, all it needed was for me to dye it, weather, and adjust it accordingly.

No Armorer's kit is complete without chest armor and a horned, golden bucket for the noggin. That being said, here's mine from Thorssen and Associates Workshop being modeled by a close personal friend:

The shoulder bells are another item that i put together by hand for original use, but have since been replaced to more accurately match what we can see of The Armorer on screen. (You know, those times when they shot a whole show with a flashlight.)

And here's the current, more screen accurate version:

What time is it? Hammer time. My original came out of an Ender 3 Pro printer. Kinda neat! My current hammer is a resin cast version but here's some pics from the original.

Version 2 weapons ahoy:

My most recent improvement? Really convincing sneakers that have now been traded out for a simple leather boot:

Miscellaneous leather work from my legs, gloves, and other odds and ends, most built from patterns by Sionnach Studios:

There's certainly more that happened than what I've chosen to post here. With that in mind, if there's something you'd like to know more about, see a picture of, or just discuss then please hit me up in the replies and I'll do my best to make it happen.

For now though, I'd like to bring this to a close for now with a picture of my DragonCon 2021 Version 1 kit as compared to what I'm currently rocking.

DragonCon 2021:

And, most recently, one of my pre-app photos. What a change and wild ride it has been so far!

This is the way.


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