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 Orianna's Mando - Clever Name Pending

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Re: Orianna's Mando - Clever Name Pending
« Reply #15 on: Mar 17, 2023, 09:28 PM »
So this work has been done mostly done on Wednesday (3/15/2023). I decided my Westar-35 needed a place to live not in my hand so we made a holster! I took the idea of what I have done in the past and made it scaled to the Westar-35 platform. I took a manila folder and used that as a base pattern transferred that to a chunk of large grid paper traced it on a chunk of leather and cut it all out.

The next clear step from here is to dye and prep the holster for finishing. Naturally I dyed, tooled, and hole punched the leather for sewing. This was also where I wet molded the holster itself so it has that nice snug fit. Sadly it was just a bit to tight to have an easy draw but its not a bad thing as most of my troops will be conventions, parades, and other events with children who like grabbing things.

But before I was to sew the pattern I had to make a way for the holster was to attach to my belt. Que a drop leg idea. Now setting this up I wanted to feel like my actual competition range belt/airsoft battle belt. I wanted to make it feel grounded in some kind of realism. So I made the drop in the holster in a kin to those belts I used in other hobbies. After getting it designed, traced, cut, dyed and riveted the second picture was the result.

After it was all dried and done there was just sewing left to do. I added a few rivets around the holster to give it some some more strength and for aesthetics.

At the end I needed a way to attach it all. I remembered that the belt I am going to use has D-Rings at the bottom of the belt with happened to work perfectly for my uses. I added the hooks by cutting a bit into the mounting bits and riveting those in place.

After all said and done it was time for a test fit! Not too bad for a few hours of work if I do say so myself! I love how this turned out and has me fired up to get my phone pouch for my belt started! And sorry about the quality of the picture (One, I don't have much color in my wardrobe and two, I have been sick on and off for a few weeks and haven't cleaned my room due to that this includes the dirty mirror).

Re: Orianna's Mando - Clever Name Pending
« Reply #16 on: Mar 19, 2023, 11:46 AM »
What you are about to see is a hybrid of work I did on the past Wednesday (3/15/2023). I started my kama then and after making the one that was way too small I retooled the pattern to be a bit bigger and fit better and more full rather than just a butt cape.

After those parts were cut out all there was to do was to pin and sew it all together.

Looked great, but its missing something. I added some bias tape to the edges to round out my color scheme. I was a bit too wide and far wrapping around to wrap itself around my body so I had to sew the back and a slight angle. Now I have a kama and don't need to worry about using thigh plates.

Next up on my list of things to do is the loin cloth. Once that is finished I will attach the kama and loin cloth to my belt. And that will be most of my kit done. Outside of that just need to do shnees then we are just about there.

Re: Orianna's Mando - Clever Name Pending
« Reply #17 on: Mar 20, 2023, 08:27 PM »
After what I did from last week/at the armor party the other day (3/18/2023) I was motivated to finish the entire sash, kama. loin cloth combo today! Starting at about 11;30 to finishing a bit ago just long enough to take a moment and pick up most my mess I got the other two bits done. While watching 12 episodes of the anime I have been watching. So as always; trust the process and enjoy the result.
Stated out the day with the sash since that was easy. My waist is that perfect measurement to were I didn't have to sew more than one line for the base of the sash. That stitch was so straight my great grandmother blushed, and she passed away 27 years ago.

And for the finished product of the sash. Which I felt REALLY good about that...

Next up was the loin cloth. I tried making it once already but I was not a fan. I started by looking at it and ignoring reusing the stuff and quickly free handed a pattern which I did not get a picture of because at this point I was on a roll. Using the same idea of my kama I backed the inside with black so it has some constancy. Sewn that all together and this was the side by side after I finished that.

And one more side by side as it was finished. Personally I think this one is day and night better than the last,

At this point the clear part was to sew the three parts all together so it makes my life getting ready for trouping easier. So I did exactly that. For the record that sash is 44 inches long and its hard to find a good place to take a picture of that at the house.

And for just a look at it all so you all know. Here is it with the belt and the pouch I made but didn't talk about yet. Cat's name is Tharja and she is my baby for those who are wondering.


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