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 From Modern, Onto Post-Imperial for Valin

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From Modern, Onto Post-Imperial for Valin
« on: Aug 19, 2022, 05:52 PM »
Post-Imperial Valin Planning

Potential Things of Interest
  • Post-Imperial
  • Modeling custom parts with Fusion 360
  • Custom blaster electronics
  • General heavy use of LEDs, OLEDs, electronics, and avoiding premade solutions
  • 6500 word initial post
  • Space pirate hacker
  • Lots of Arduino coding
  • Beat Saber as the holy test of mobility

Statement of Goals
This is my Google Doc/thread for planning a Post-Imperial version of Valinís Armor. This is both a design goals document, as well as a planning document for deciding what prerequisites I want to set for myself. For my Modern kit, I more or less winged it, and while that gave me flexibility, it also wasted a lot of time/money. Given I now have something approved for trooping, I intend to do an actual planning thread for this kit. Mostly because Arcoís thread is stupid good, and now I wanna be competitive, and have things like back story written out.

Arco has hugely influenced my desire for perfectionism kit, and while my Aloríad always reminds us to keep it simple for an initial build, this build I want to harness that perfectionist energy, and really up my game in techniques, and in-universe ambition. Similarly our friend, who I believe goes by Bairn Sidhe here, makes me want to push my lore and backstory game further, and also find some opportunities for doing better hand stitching where Post-Imperial looks allow.

While this will predominantly be planning for the Post-Imperial build, it will also be interrelated with upgrades to my existing kit, and the shared aspects between them. Michael from Yustapir has been doing some of the stuff for his kit, and itís so impressive. Part of my goals is to follow his example on integrating ammo pouches, and more visually interesting soft goods, as well as more custom designed parts.

Iíd also like to better split out the aspects of my armor. I may not make a specific thread for everything, I do want to do each piece documented in such a way that it could serve as instructions to replicate, and better document the costs, and where I got materials, with links to Amazon and MicroCenter, for example. Additionally, Iíd like to avoid difficult to re-obtain fabrics.

Where possible, for things I donít have any plans in my head to sell on Etsy, Iíd like to document/open source any materials/code developed for my armor. Weíll see how this pans out, but I want to try and better document Illustrator templates for sewing, or Fusion360 projects, as well as my code.

Iíd also really like to keep to the Post-Imperial spirit, and involve clan mates where possible to make the armor more personal, so where possible Iíd like to use this as a chance to do favors I can get returned later. In this realm, a large goal is also to keep my skills sharp, and be able to provide guidance to my fellow clan mates in Yustipir in many of the skills this build will require.

One related guiding principle Iíd like to have is freedom of movement. Iím proud to say Iím able to nail some Expert and Expert+ Beat Saber songs while in my existing kit (minus helmet and blaster), and Iíd like to keep that true of this, while still in a troopable state, if not with all the brigade knick-knacks and weapons (and helmet). Back plates and cod pieces donít equate to a difficulty of movement, and thereís tons you can still do while having lots of mobility. In most cases, the biggest increases in agility I think I can achieve would be from increased durability and better attachment mechanisms.

Adjacent to agility is sustainability. My current kit, all told, is about 25lbs. Itís not terrible at all, and Iím pretty comfortably able to wear it indoors (other than some airflow/visor stuff), and outdoors I struggle a bit more, but Iíd be perfectly comfortable with an hour or two in 80+ weather. I could stand to add a bit more weight, but I do want to try and consider weight more, as Post Imperial generally seems to have the potential to be more mass, so Iíll want to add more hollowed out bits when possible, for weight and electronics. Weight has been more limiting than agility for things like beat saber.

Finally, this is the beginning of longer term planning. Iíd like to do substantial work on at least 1 of a Galactic Marine and a Jedi first, or a side build like a Jawa first before beginning the Post-Imperial in earnest, so it may be many months to a year before this takes form. Or Iíll begin aspects now to apply to this kit, and leave others for later.

Initial Sketch

This is not a work of art by any means, but it's more or less a summary of the end goals. Valin infiltrating an Imperial remnant space ship, pistols blazing, ready to whip out the vibrosword I clearly forgot to add for a good old pirate duel. At the end, hack his way into the enemiesí systems, and claim the credits from those who dare to glass Mandalore.

Back Story
Following up on the basic backstory of ďModern ValinĒ, I believe Valin would be roughly my age (29) around the OT era. Old enough to have memories of the Clone Wars, and a source for the love of the DC-15s, which would seem silly if Iíd never seen a Republic Commando. This I believe would place me at 36-38 in the Post-Imperial era, which, who knows, maybe Iíll be that old when I finish this version of the kit. This character is essentially supposed to be a soft insert, so Iíd like to include aspects of my background in electronics, cybersecurity and computer science in particular.

Currently, my essential lore is that I served in the Rebel Alliance Intelligence Service. Iím either part of or related to clan Wren, where I suspect Sabine Wren would have steered me from my ways as a Mandalorian with a yet to be written further back story, into serving the Rebel Alliance, particularly in the OT era.

I havenít particularly nailed down much more than that, but Iíd like to flesh this out to at least a page or two by the time we near the end of Mandalorian Season 3, and learn more about the purge and the Mandalorian factions in the Post-Imperial era.

Post-Imperial Armor Game Plan
Iíve divided this up into a few sections, and while Iíve aimed for this to be a decently exhaustive top line stream of consciousness of my initial thoughts on each piece, itís definitely not complete, and thereís further stuff Iíd like to do specific to the full BRLs that Iíd likely want to cover with a brigade specific thread. Where brigade stuff fits with a very topline description and 1.0 version of this kid, Iíve listed them.

Primary Brigade Interests
Given this is intended to be the same character as my Modern kit, a lot of potential brigades for this will cross over as I look at brigades for my Modern kit. Where mutual exclusivity seems likely to be an issue, such as for Privateer and Combat Slicer, Iíll probably just aim to complete as much as possible, with the other going for actual approval.

The space pirate aesthetic, and bold vibes this gives off just fits so much of what Iím already doing. Iíd like to keep as much of my design as possible for the Post-Imperial kit, so the general space pirate requirements of this will serve as guidance for how I build the base of this armor. I donít see any notable requirements on this that require consideration early on, mostly seems to be fit and finish. The main initial goal would just be to keep strong on vacuum compatible soft goods, and weathering considerations.

Combat Slicer
A huge goal of mine is to integrate my background in hacking and (a little bit of) electronics into my kit. Itís listed as incompatible with the Privateer (due to the colors), but regardless, the hacking/security attack elements of this fit with what Iíd like to do as far as electronics goals go. For my helmet, if I redo, Iíd want to integrate the required data pad connection from the start into one of the ear caps. I probably canít be approved, but I kind of find the color requirement silly given real world hacker cultureís diversity, so I think Iíll try and do as much of this as possible, and use privateer for approval purposes, and combat slicer requirements for my own satisfaction.

Secondary Brigade Interests
While I'll go for privateer first, these also interested for potentially proper dual brigades.

These fit nicely with the dual DC-15s. I donít think thereís a ton specific Iíd need to consider for the initial build, though both require a range finder, which my current helmet lacks.

Related to slicer, similar cool DIY/maker lab items I wouldnít mind on a belt.

Aerial Assault
Would need to drop the cape, but I love a lot of this. Additionally, would 100% require a jetpack, which I want to integrate anyway. Further, Iíd have to leave my kama setup to add jetpack-related weathering later, which was also why Iíd chosen my current heavier kama material.

Soft Goods
This is where I see a lot of room for improvement from more planning than I did previously. I learned a lot about sewing and fabric choice that Iíd like to apply here. Also Iíve seen so many people with stupid cool soft goods, and Iím just dying to try and be half as good.

Flak Vest
This is where Iíd like to make substantial improvements in a few categories. While Iím gonna go for the maximalist version initially, and for the purposes of this planning thread, Iíd very likely make a hot and cool version of the flak vest, to avoid my goals conflicting with wearability in summer outdoor troops. Iíd also probably be more inclined to move colors around, instead of falling back to black. My final plate color ended up a dark purple in the Modern build that didnít contrast well, but also kind of precluded my desire to use purple fabric. I didnít end up integrating white into my build either until after Iíd done my original flak vest.

The first category is the Post-Imperial look. Theyíve got far more visual interest going on on their flak vests, with things like top stitching and multiple panels, and so on. Related to this also is looking like itís provided protection. Whether itís all over or in key areas, Iíd like things like batting to imply there might be some level of soft armoring to protect myself and a vacuum safe flight suit from shrapnel. Another consideration here is integrating options like the cape backplate, and my ultimate chest plate design from the start.

The second category is in visual interest. Iíd just like to make sure spots not covered by armor will still be interesting  where I might be caught by an errant photo, and not just a front shot, chest towards the camera.

The final category is just usability. The flak is a super useful tool for mounting things like a back plate, jet pack, cape, and so on in addition to just the armor plates. I wanna make sure key areas are sturdy, even if on a summer version the majority might actually be a single layer. Part of this might be researching things like water cool solutions, though I donít currently find that to be needed. Another part is planning ways to run wiring to as many armor pieces as possible. Even where I donít currently intend to add LEDs, Iíd like to have a plan for where Iíd run cables if I add electronics. My original plan had involved using CAT6, but I think Iíd go more custom, with stitched in routing options this time.

I also would like to avoid a rear zipping option. It wasnít actually a huge pain on its own to do it myself, but it was really difficult to hide the rear zipper in a way I liked. This pairs with my desire to at least consider a separate neck seal. I believe this can be considered separately from the snoopy cap Iíll talk about later, as theyíre distinct pieces.

Flight Suit

I don't have tons of specifics, but just would liketo generally make my flight suit more detailed, and include things like built-d in pockets, top stitching, and so on. My original was navy, mostly just because it was what I had, but Iíll probably consider grey shades this time. Maybe even sharing a flight suit with a future Galactic Marine build.


This is something I donít want to change a ton. The overall design was primarily based on Commander Bow. What I really love here is the triangular lines in the front, crossing over the codpiece. My current cod goes over instead, to simply mounting, but if I redid the kama, or cleaned the current one up, Iíd swap it to have the cod under the kama like Bowís. This may seem small, but itís probably the most significant change I want to improve the mobility I have available on my Modern kit, as the snaps I currently use frequently come undone when bending over or sitting down.

What I donít love here was the execution of the Kama itself, and the back view. I really just want a better execution here. I like the thick Kama design, but because of how thick the fabric I used was, it was pretty challenging to get the lines Iíd really love. Iíve seen Arco and Athena Dawnís kamas really work well with multiple layers of Canvas, even without the thick fabrics that gave me trouble on my Modern kitís kama.  Iíd also probably make it much longer and wider, as it doesnít inhibit movement much, and I think more surface area, even if I donít keep to the thick Vinyl, would result in a better movement.

This is a major candidate for a costume element Iíd intend to use to replace my Modern buildís kama, and for the Post-Imperial build. One other note, Iíd like to try integrating an optional kidney/butt plate. In most cases, Iíve tried to avoid dropping Jango plates just because I could take an out, and so far, none have impacted my mobility substantially as much as the cod mounting here.

One point of concern, and potentially added feature here is integrating this with my desire for a DC-15s drop holsters (Those Republic Commando pistols are way bigger than you think from playing the game)
Girth Belt/Cumberbund
I donít really have a plan yet here. I suspect Iíd drop the girth belt for not being common in the Post-Imperial area, but I donít really want to do a ton, besides switching from suede to a canvas for the white on it, and having a more military aesthetic attachment mechanism.

Iíd definitely like to redo this if my brigades are compatible with a half cape. I quite like the half cape aesthetic, but I wouldnít mind this buildís Tunic/Backplate being set up for both a full and half cape, depending on if Iím carrying a jetpack.

The current version references the Alliance Intelligence emblem, with more mandalorian starbirds and a mythosaur thrown in, to indicate perhaps I was part of allied mandalorians working closely with Rebel Intelligence. Why would I advertise this from a lore perspective? Iím not sure, but itís a cool symbol!

Material wise, my Modern cape uses two layers of differently colored gauze, with different symbols on each side, with the inner symbol using the opposite sideís background color. Iíd probably do a darker color, closer to hot pink if I redid the gauze instead of the outer pale pink, but this didnít require dye, so it had made my life easier to just shrug and pretend the sun had bleached it.
The material itself though is a bit thin and stretchy, and while I really like the texture, and especially how it flows, itís extremely difficult to work with for adding the symbol, resulting in an execution that I was only really able to tolerate after adding tears, burns and other weathering. I think if I can have a cape, I might try and partially use something sturdy like canvas to integrate the symbols, and try and weaken/soften the fabric to better achieve the flow.
My biggest feeling of unfinished business has come from the difficulty of matching my visual desire for a tattered bottom of the cape from dragging against the ground/brush with the requirement for a ďfinished pieceĒ.

Related to this, I do wish I could find a CRL-compliant way of doing my previous cape, which was the same gauze simply draped from its mid-point.

Both of these photos capture a bunchy, tattered aesthetic that Iíd like to find a kosher way to integrate into my shoulder cape, though this might ultimately be impossible with my desired brigades. If anyone has thoughts, Iíd love to hear. I currently just have my cape folded over itself at the top to reduce its width by about a third from where itíd be if Iíd have just draped it as a full cape, where you can properly see the stitched-in symbols.

Snoopy/Flight Cap
Iíd really like to include this design as an optional element for troops. It seems like a good inclusion for things like cons, where youíll frequently be taking your helmet off to talk to people or communicate, and helps avoid breaking an in-character illusion. It also provides a convenient mount for headphones and microphones.

Depending how I do mine, this serves as a fun real world analog to the snoopy caps that Apollo astronauts wore.

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Re: From Modern, Onto Post-Imperial for Valin
« Reply #1 on: Aug 19, 2022, 05:54 PM »
Hard Goods
I'm pretty happy with the execution on most of these on my Modern build, butt I think there's plenty of opportunities for improvement, especially with how heavily Post-Imperial can rely on 3D printing, which makes custom models a little more fun to explore!

Jet Pack

Iím facing a bit of conflict here. I donít really have a strong visual image yet, but what I do lean towards now is keeping to Bobaís large, silhouette impacting Z-6. Iím struggling to find a justification though, because outside of Boba himself, basically the only Jet pack weíve seen large enough to impact a silhouette from the front is Paz, with his massive cannon on the side, and his wider/higher outer jets. The Post-Imperial builds seem to lean heavily towards mid-sized arena style jetpacks, only seen from sides and behind. Certainly not like Bobaís protruding beyond the helmet.
Iíll probably just default to a Z-6 regardless for practical reasons, but I could always do a Jetpack V2 later.
This does also raise a philosophical question Iíve had with weathering. Why is Bobaís rocket weathered? Like does he never use it? Is Boba busting out the sandpaper to fulfill the CRLs requirement for consistent weathering? Whatís the deal here? Itís clearly just gone once he uses it, and he has to go buy more. Is Boba just pulling old mishandled inventory, or is this supposed to be a standard mass-produced rocket thatís still being manufactured? This poses serious concerns for me from a weathering/lore perspective.

Thereís already models out there
, I just need to figure out my plans with them, electronics compatibility, weight strategies and so on.

Iím pretty happy with this, but thereís always room for improvement, so hereís what Iím considering!

Design wise, I love the Foreman from Alter Ego, I would love to mix up the visor shape a bit, whether to exaggerate the existing elements of not being perfectly straight at the eyes, or more substantial Nite-Owl like features. This is probably outside the realm of whatís realistic for an initial build, but itís something Iím keeping in mind.

Even if I donít change the actual Foreman design up, I wouldnít mind reprinting and rebuilding for a few reasons.
  • I got Adam Savage to sign the v1, so Iíd love to keep that safe.
  • Itís a bit small, which might limit my ability to do the Snoopy cap I really want to use, as well as electronic add-ons. This also limited me to only rear keyslot fans. Iíd like to be able to do blowers on a PWM circuit or really quiet blowers this time.
  • Iíd just like to look into things like a mechanized range finder, and other helmet-integrated electronics. Iíd initially avoided planning things thatíd require power in my helmet, but I think Iím a little more comfortable now to pursue a LiPo battery to give me a strong 5-12v power source. Additionally, I could include cut outs in the base design for fans, arduinos, and paths to run wiring for LEDs built in. Iím way more comfortable with modifying meshes.
  • Related to custom meshes, Iíd like to design custom ear caps to include slicer elements and/or other brigade requirements. This is also where I could plan from the start to include integrated flash lights, outer microphones, and so on. Iíd done a custom keyslot for this helmet, and I found I really liked the look of placing a metal mesh behind it to obscure the fans. Would love to use that mesh in other places.
I intend to expand on the custom ear caps later with more reference, but one feature I definitely want that thereís reference for is a gasket/helmet skirt. Just looks more complete, and with more space, I think itíd be easier to pursue.

Finally, Iíd like to consider ways to do a colored visor, originally Iíd decided it wouldnít work well as purple or pink since pink already surrounds the visor.

I havenít nailed down my goals with these yet, but Iíd like to model them from scratch. Currently I use a modified version of April Stormís custom Death Watch gaunts. Proud of them, but I think I have the skills now to do better, and to design with brigades in mind. One thing Iíd like to add is integration between gloves and my gauntlets, and to add a hand plate. Just so itís less of a question whether itís a vambrace or a gauntlet. Both?

I like it, but I want a more angular one. Per Arcoís thread, thereís precious few visual references to go off of here, so Iíll probably have to be creative, and try and leave my options open as Mandalorian Season 3 draws near.

Tasset Plates
Iíd love to integrate these into the Kama to some degree. They look cool, and seem like they might mix well with an armored Kama, perhaps drawing inspiration from Samurai armor.

I really love my shoulders. Theyíre the only piece of armor from my original attempt at making a kit around ~2012, so I hope to keep them or their design as an element in anything custom I do.  Theyíre a direct lift of this art of a Nautolan warrior.

Chest Plate

I do quite like the Post-Imperial chest plate. Specifically this style of pointing forward facing, vaguely pointed forward Iron-Man esque design. Itís got a lot of visual energy, the pointed look kind of implies a bit of movement, and most of all, I donít have to deal with chest plate spacing.

Right now Iíve got medium armor, so Iíd at least like to start there for a goal. Paz style medium plates donít seem crazy, but as we start getting more Aran Tal content, Iíd like to keep his chest plate design in mind as a possibility to mix and match with the Paz abdominal/diaphragm medium plate. I think thereís plenty of opportunities here to do some Iron-Man-inspired glowing chest elements, though in my case, Iím having a bit of a love affair with the idea of integrating the white on my armor now into my armor with acrylic and LEDs. Would work even if batteries are dead, but I think it helps keep to a cyber-punk intimidation tactic that fits my goal of slicer pirate.

Next key goal is figuring out greeblies, electronic integrations and so on. One thing I liked while rewatching Rebels was the vent on Ursa Wrenís chest plate. I went ahead and grabbed Armorsmith recently, because Iíd like to be able to model armor better myself. For electronics here, I donít have a ton of solid plans outside of perhaps a fan in the vent, and exploring the acrylic white stripes (with perhaps some beskar mesh on top, to keep it armored/swarzy and avoid straight Tron, despite my love).

Cod Piece
I donít have a ton Iíd like to change here. I think Iíd like to go with something more angular, potentially 3D printed, and definitely have more sturdy top connections to my belt/kama. The boba thong kama has served me well, so not much to change here. Will look for more angular references here, but wouldnít mind stealing Bowís/Cloneís cod, or making it a hair more angular, and do a rendition in fusion 360. My current one already has padding and such, so not much to improve other than execution.

Thigh Plates

Keeping with my desire to have as many angular low-poly looking plates as reasonable, I quite like the plates of this olive mando, who Arco had been using. Iím not really married to them, and I might need to modify them depending on how I do my holsters for the twin DC-15 pistols.

That is where I think itís possible plans will change, and my plans here heavily depend on what happens with my kama and holsters.
My current Modern kit doesn't have any thigh plates at all, though I have some painted and with snaps ready to attach somehow, so this will be semi-new territory.

Honestly not sure yet, I donít think Iíll do the basic Death Watch ones again. I kind of like Bo-Katanís, but Iím sure thereís something Iíll find thatíll work for me.

Shin Armor
Not super locked in here at all. I could see myself doing multiple iterations, but my tentative desire is to keep to the broad brush strokes of my existing plate, but making the back hard instead of soft.
Not super locked in here, but my current shins have slight comfort issues in longer walkier troops around the ankle from making them ĹĒ to small or so, and while I really love my wrap around suede mount, I wouldnít mind turning it into a hard back, which seems more common in Post-Imperial mandos (if counting borrowed shoretrooper pierces).

This is a potentially likely candidate for integrating existing armor designs if I wanna utilize the 80/20 allowance for non-Mando parts. The only specific consideration I have there right now is the Galactic Marine, as I really like the aesthetic of their armor in general, but especially the lower half. I donít have a strong commitment here though, as the boots would be a non-trivial cost to duplicate if I do both a Galactic Marine build, and use them here.

Boot Armor
I really donít like this on my Modern build. I did it, and I like it better than my current dressy chelsea boots without armor, but unless I find a reference I like in Mandoís or other armor, I think Iíll just keep my out for new boots, or make some I have lying around more CRL compliant. Very up in the air.

Butt Plate
Might integrate with Kama, especially depending on how I end up on tassets. Itís the one armor piece from Jango I specifically ruled out because of comfort concerns on my Modern build, but given how the rest of those ended up being very tolerable, Iím inclined to at least give it a go. If so, Iíll look for references I like.

The main goal is to focus on the dual DC-15s heavy pistols, but I also wouldnít mind embracing my Mandalorian impulses and including 1-2 other guns and assorted weapons. Thereís a few things Iím specifically interested in, as well as other things like the E-5 and E-5s that Iíd like to eventually make as a trooping option.


This bad boy was my go to pistol when playing Republic commando. While when Iíd originally begun researching/printing this, I was a bit flustered to discover how stupidly large it actually was, itís still  unlikely to change as my primary weapon(s). Iíd like to add a second one for a dual pistol look, and so I can offer one up to kids to pose with without giving up my only weapon during troops.

I do want to substantially improve my setup. Basically all the dual pistol brigades want some customization, and the only thing Iíve done to mine is drop the side panels on the grip, and replace them with some skateboard grip tape. I want to substantially improve the initial electronics here to include an ammo counter on the back, as seen in game, which considering Iím out of space as is, will require a custom PCB. I need to also fix the code/amp/SD setup, as the current one seems to crash the Arduino, likely due to memory usage.

DC-15s Holsters

Currently, I use a really simple, hard goods holster, directly attached to the belt that I modeled in Fusion 360. While it works alright to just keep the DC-15 out of my hands when Iím not posing, Itís not particularly secure, doesnít work great when sitting down, and is difficult to draw from in a non-goofy motion. With two DC-15s blasters, this would take up way too much belt space and be impossible to retrieve both with one hand each. I need to redo this.
Theyíre non-trivially large, nearing the size of smaller blaster rifles, which I fear may make ever doing completely soft goods/leather holsters off of the table, but Iím open to counterpoints on this. No matter what, these need to be dropped down to hang from the belt, and put the holster on my thighs/kama, as itís just difficult to draw directly attached, and I want to free up room for other belt items. There will be two of these. Again, I do also look to Commander Bowís twin pistols being very near the front edge of the kama as a potential inspiration.

Scout Pistol

This was the initial gun Iíd built for my first kit, and it never got integrated into the kit itself. I donít have many specifics, but I wouldnít mind finding a place to integrate this, or a version of it as a hold-out pistol.
Not sure where Iíd put it, but I donít have eminent plans for a scout trooper, so Iíd like to put this to use. The scope does make some options challenging. Perhaps I could replace the current scope with something more suitable for a small emergency blaster? I particularly like this as an option given its canonical lack of a trigger, as while my DC-15sí trigger is removable, itíd require busting out a screw driver and moving electronics at minimum.


Another comically large gun. This is one Iíd want to have for a Galactic Marine build anyway, so using it to fulfill an option for a rifle is a strong possibility.
Also presents opportunities for some electronics for the optional 501st CRLs. Not sure whatís out there as far as functional electronic models with moving triggers, but Iíll do at least a little research, regardless of whether brigades require or disallow this longer rifle.

Vibroblade or Beskad

This seems mandatory if I wanna go full space pirate for Privateer, and if I do it, Iíll probably look at multiple references, but given my original buildís inspiration, the vibroblade from this Nautolan art seems like a likely inspiration, if not just going for a Beskad.
It is a bit on the natural side though, so even if I keep the shape, Iíd likely tech up the handle/pommel to keep with the less organic nature of this build. In general a vibroblade option would just be nice to have for trooping  where blasters just arenít an option. I believe my original Nautolan Mando buildís plan was to integrate Deadpool style sheaths into the backplate/jetpack, but Iíd likely go for a minimalist pirate-style sheath here.

These just seem like a requirement for the brigade level depth and quality IMO, and are commonly seen in the Post-Imperial era. I donít have any locks on inspiration here, nor strong feelings in general. 

Belt Items, Et Al
I want cool stuff on my belt. Currently I just use Mosin Nagant pouches on my Modern kit, but Iíd like to expand on this to include some slicer elements, and more blinking lights.
Slicing Kit
Iíd lean towards including at least one Knights of the Old Republic style security spike, but I definitely want to explore some other kits here for inspiration.

Tibanna Gas Cartridge

While the DC-15s in the game doesnít appear to need reloading regularly enough to carry ammo for a mission, Iíd like to include something. My inclination is to mix up a Galaxies-style cartridge with the glowing center of the DC-15s.

This would give me a solid electronic glowing belt item, with some challenge in how Iíd run electronics to it behind the belt from another battery pack style source.

Energy pack and Phone Holder
I donít have specific inspirations yet, but Iíd like to have a universe-friendly and accessible place to store my phone. Whether this is a tailor made hard goods item or a general con pouch, Iím not sure. One consideration is making a general larger belt mounted electronics-central item, which could handle things like a battery for belt items, speaker for helmet comms, and a phone holder, perhaps with a chargers.
Donít have any specific references yet, but would love to have some grenades of some kind. Dinís do appeal to me, but another opportunity for blinking lights exists here. Very possibly want to mix it up with gas/ion grenades with distinct colors/LEDs to indicate their purpose.

Restraining Bolt/Droid Caller

Seems like itíd be thematically consistent with a slicer, and would be somewhat recognizable. Also, it would be good practice for a Jawa build.

Trophies and Personal Items
Would like to integrate some iron hearts, perhaps to honor my cousin who passed a few years back in some way on my kit.

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Re: From Modern, Onto Post-Imperial for Valin
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Skills Game Plan
I donít need to do this yet. Itís totally optional, and I have an approved kit. With that in mind, I want to start construction with a focus on compatible upgrades for my current kit and other projects, especially where I can gain new skills for a Post-Imperial/V2 Modern. These are more or less the prerequisites and ground rules Iím laying out for this.
These are skills I definitely intend to use, and with that in mind, I intend to practice them on my current kit and other projects first, before applying the honed skill to my Post-Imperial kit.
  • Work on 3D modeling skills
        a) Design gauntlets for Arco and other clan members
        b) Redo Modern gauntlets. These may match my new ones, or just share an aesthetic. I want these to be completely a custom model, not plopped on top of April Storm custom files.
        c) Maybeeee make a custom gun with trigger mechanism
  • Redo soft goods to some degree for existing kit with minimal topstitching.
  • Make dual DC-15s pistols, potentially remodeled from scratch, and/or make a custom PCB to match the one by LigonAP. I already have one, but it doesnít currently do the ammo on the back, and the sound-related code is terrible, if working.
  • Add voice amp to existing helmet
  • Learn to safely use LiPo batteries in something on current armor.
  • Add at least 1-2 belt items with electronics, particularly focusing on a plan to integrate electronics with each other for long run times, and more visual interest. This is where Iíd love to do something like a hidden place to store a phone with an extended battery for cons mixed into something like an energy pack.

Things I may or may not use, but probably would like to at least integrate token elements of for my kit.

  • Aluminum armor, especially trying to use FDM to make molds and compression fit with something like a car. This was a suggestion by a friend outside the mercs.hackaday has a decent example of what I'm thinking of testing out.
  • Water cooling. Some of the hardline stuff Iím helping with for Arcoís build, and that Iíd like to do for my computer, would be good practice to see if I want to integrate this into a future Mando project, whether for true vest cooling for practical purposes, or just looking cool for some tibanna gas/bacta feed system.
  • High end metals. Especially depending on what Arco does to achieve that beskar finish.
  • Fancier paints, in the realm of car paints
Design Game Plan
Iíd like to make more effort to have concept art and sketches made before significant work is put into crafting or modeling complex things for this build. Both to reduce wasted time, and to just reinvigorate some of my skills in art/drawing.
  • Basic pencil sketch
  • Digitize pencil sketch, setup photoshop layers for armor pieces
  • Colorize sketch, decide on matching Modern colors, or new set of colors and paints
  • Turnaround/character sheet, static pose, design outline
Paint Job
My current colors are more or less:
  • Purple
  • Hot Pink
  • White
  • Black
  • Navy

The later colors arenít a requirement, especially on their own, but Iíd like to keep purple and pink as dominant, and integrate white throughout, since I really love how it weathers. Iím not married to my current shade, though.

With that in mind, Iím considering a more interesting and complex purple paint job. Perhaps galaxy paint or purple dominant color shift paint. This lets me pare back some of the pink if I desire, that's adding visual complexity, and keep the purple I love dominant.

I did multiple layers for my Modern build. For my Post-Imperial build, I think Iíd do this, but perhaps use different undercoats, leaning cowards black/white and/or navy.

Mandos Go To Art School
One aspect that Clone Wars and Rebels made incredibly clear is that Mandalorians have a significant interest in the arts, perhaps on par with their cultural history of violence. While this is something that can be ignored here, where I think a large portion of interest dates to the pure ultra violence of the Traviss era, Mandalorian architecture, and armor visual design has been given a ton of love in the Modern era. More so than most Star Wars cultures get given. To that end, Iíd like to integrate some of the common line art we see across Mandalore and in various clans.Especially given Sabineís likely inclusion in upcoming projects, I want to draw on her a lot too, given how well she carries the extreme of this aspect of Mandalorians.

From a lore perspective, I wonder what other arts Mandos might be notable in. Are there popular holovid genres out there from the Mandalorian New Wave? A Mandalorian combat photographer/holo videographer would be a fascinating direction to take other than hacking. Surely these exist given the influence on Clone Wars with the World War 2 propaganda episode intros.

Pose Planning
I want the armor design with 2-3 poses in mind, where the armor is visually interesting in all of them, including a non-posed photo from behind, as well as planned group photo poses, specifically keeping to match the general vibe of different styles of group shot, from friendly neutral poses, to combat ready, to weapon drawn and pointed.

Custom Designing more Elements
More custom designed elements means more opportunities to keep coherent motifs across my armor.
Questions to Readers
Open to any suggestions or thoughts, but I do have some specific questions as I begin the early stages of planning this.
  • Does anyone have good threads to look at for holsters for larger pistols?
  • Does anyone have any favorite kits with large amounts of electronics?
  • Does anyone have any approved kits with cool purple paint jobs that I missed?
  • Does anyone have approved kits that integrate elements of larger sections with LEDs in a way that fulfills some element of a Tron aesthetic with integrating color into lights.
  • There seems to be a conflict between rules on fit in the CRLs and the bunching seen on Mando and Bobaís CRLs. Is there a distinction between bunching versus baggieness?


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