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 First Build Guide: Helpful Links

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First Build Guide: Helpful Links
« on: Oct 12, 2022, 10:14 PM »
Helpful Links
Lead Author-Ru'Stor Rawr
Edited by: MMCC Education Team

Guide on getting started with your mando:

Costume Requirements:
Note: these are not flexible. These apply to every kit that is approved for OM status.


Mando Maker


Flight Suit
Flight suits can be obtained from several sources, surplus shops do have a rotating stock as they rely on donations. If you donít see your size initially, check with them on the next delivery day and they may have some by then.) If youíre willing to wait, you can always order from Amazon. Brands such as Dickies and Red Kap have a consistent selection of sizes and colors that may fit your overall aesthetic. Price is roughly 30 to 40 dollars depending on size and color. (Note: you will need to remove items such as pockets and zippers to make the flight suit approvable.)
Medical Scrubs are an alternative approvable pre-fabricated garment that is serviceable with modifications and tailoring to fit without being restrictive.

There are a couple of options here.. Most use Sintra which can be purchased at Midwest Plastics on 84th Street in Omaha. You can purchase Sintra a lot cheaper than ordering through Amazon (a sheet of 3mm thick Sintra in a 4ft by 8ft sheet will go for roughly 40 dollars and can easily supply 4 kits if cut right.)

Several folks have used 5-gallon plastic buckets. They have a natural curve to them, making them ideal for plates like the chest pieces or the shoulders.  Braxiss has used buckets before, and states, "It also responds well to a heat gun or hair dryer, and holds its shape after it cools." The only issue from my experience is having to sand off the letters and roughing up the surface a bit before priming to make sure the primer and paint stick to the plates. When finished, they are just as durable as plates made of Sintra.

Subsection: Armor Templates
Two of the most common templates used by most mandalorian mercs are here:

Boba Fett plates:

While there are other templates for different eras and styles, these are the templates most if not all OMs are familiar with. If you have a design or concept based off these templates we recommend submitting them to the Russíalor for feedback or to the following link This will allow for others including the app team to provide feedback.

Subsection: Mounting your armor plates
The most common method to mounting your armor plates is using velcro as itís flexible and allows for repositioning without having to alter your mounting points. We recommend adhesive based velcro for the plates and sewn on velcro for the vest/flight suit.
Velcro makes "Home Decore" Velcro that has sew on Loop side and sticky back Industrial Velcro. This is easier (and cheaper) than buying 2 different types of velcro.

Magnets and Chicago Screws (also called sexbolts) can be used but will take more time, energy, and material to install as it does require you to be sure your plate alignment is correct. Most OMs will recommend upgrading to this after approval as your armor plate locations are set.

Build tutorial here:

For material, we recommend duckcloth (can get locally from Joannís or online from Amazon.) Just make sure it does not have a coating that prevents it from breathing as sweat will collect while in kit. Alternatively, you can use condura as well, just make sure itís not coated in waterproofing material.

Note: before I go on, yes you can make the vest out of material such as leather or pleather, but all of us will tell you this: itís great for looks, but when youíre trooping in your kit for hours at a time, you will become very miserable and hot as it does not release heat and moisture well. Also, if a mistake is made when sewing using this type of material, the material does not flex back to normal, meaning the holes will not close up.

Surplus Combat Boots are very affordable but will need a bit of work covering the laces. GoodWill or other local thrift shops are good places to start along with surplus military stores. Can also check places like Wal-Mart as they sell combat boots for 30 bucks. Flat ankle boots are a good alternative as they donít have laces, making them easier to mount armor plates to. Some folks use biker boots as well.
Slip on work boots (soft or hard toed) are also a great option that require almost no modification.

There are several options available to create your own set. There are templates out there for Jango/Boba Fett style gauntlets, a bit complicated but doable. We recommend for first time UMs to keep it simple. PVC pipe gauntlets are a good way to get started. Tutorial located here: We also have UMs utilize plastic cups from Dollar General or Walmart stores. Cut a slit down the middle and remove the bottom section and you have a basic gauntlet that just needs some greebles added.

Nomex flight gloves are one way to go. They are about 20 to 30 dollars new or if youíre able to find them in the color you want, can go for as little as a 3 to 5 dollars at a surplus or thrift store. The two major advantages are no logos to cover up or remove and they are long enough to cover up your wrists. Alternatively you can go with thin leather gloves which range from 15 - 30 depending on where they are sourced. Just make sure to select ones that have adequate coverage past the hands.

Girth Belt/Sash
Girth belts (also known as a Mohair Girth) are one item that is required. Can find them on Amazon for 35 to 40 dollars. You can also manufacture your own using cotton clothesline rope (Walmart), burlap fabric for backing, hot glue/e6000 adhesive, and suspender buckles. Link for tutorial:

 Alternatively, a Sash can be used in place of a girth belt. Just has to be solid in color and needs to match the aesthetic of your kit.

Mainly used for pouches and/or for the blaster holsters. Can be leather.

There are a few areas you can source these from. Goodwill or other thrift stores are one route. Another is ordering rubies plastic blasters from Amazon. The average cost is roughly 15 - 20 dollars and are usually the fan favorites (Hanís classic blaster, Leiaís hunting blaster, Jangoís blaster pistols to name a few.) They require very little modification. Will need to be painted but are approvable and wonít break the bank.

For first time or budget builds we do not recommend Nerf guns. While they may seem like an easy path, you will be under more scrutiny as Nerf guns have to be heavily modified in order to be in universe (read: Swarzy) in addition to having their firing mechanism removed.

A small hold out blaster by itself is not approvable.  Adding in addition to a substantially sized melee weapon is advised.

Melee weapons
A substationally sized melee weapon such as a vibrosword or large axe can be used in place of a blaster.


Q: Why do I need a WIP (Work In Progress) thread?
A: A WIP is an essential item on your path to becoming an Official Member. It not only documents your process in designing your kit but also will allow you to provide additional info regarding how you came about designing and constructing your kit for the App Team. This also has the effect of allowing others outside of our clan to provide constructive feedback and praise for your design and work.

Q: I have ďXĒ Concept for my armor but Iím not sure if it will work with the existing CRLs. What can I do?
A: Feel free to bring any design questions to me and Iíll run them up for consideration. Alternatively we have a subforum titled Armor Planning ( where you can submit your concept for evaluation and feedback.

Q: I see there are several vendors that sell premade kits. Should I look at those as Iím not crafty/mechanically inclined?
A: Honestly, in my experience we recommend building custom plates versus purchasing prefabricated kits. The reason being not prefab kits are Ďone size fits allí and if the material falls short, you may not be able to use the kit. Also many of us in the clan have built our own plates and are more than willing to help out. However, if you wish to go that route, please talk to your Ruusíalor as there are pre-approved vendors.

Q: Can I utilize tactical/airsoft gear for my kit?
A: The general answer is no as it would not match the Ďin universeí aesthetics that is Star Wars.

Q: I missed the armor party and need some help with getting started with my kit. What can I do?
A: Feel free to contact me and we can arrange an alternate time and place to help with building your kit.

If you have any questions or need some help feel free to PM me. I try to keep my comms open and keep a short response time. I'm also in the process of setting up 'office hours' where UMs and OMs can stop by if need be and should have info up shortly.

Looking forward to meeting you all and seeing what concepts you've created.

Additional resources that will help with Armor Questions is:

Applications Team Q&A

Applications Team Q&A team form

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