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 WIP from Wasu'ran in BC Canada

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WIP from Wasu'ran in BC Canada
« on: Jan 16, 2023, 01:10 PM »
Linked below will be an imgur link to my WIP build.  I'm 99% done, so this is mainly for Pre App in a few days.

Soft Parts

Flight suit:  Black overalls tailored to fit my frame.  Lines sewn in to add something other than just black.  Neck seal sewn in to the collar, pockets removed and sewn shut.  It will be weathered a bit.  I will eventually sew a two piece flight suit because this doesn't suit my standards.  But it was quick and dirty and easier to do at the time.

Flack Vest:  Hand dyed canvas, sew, padded by myself.  I might tighten it a bit to give a snugger fit.

Chaps:  Duct tape wrapped around my shin, pattern made, template made.  Same style of canvas as flak vest but waxed for weathering and dirtiness look.  One strap under the sole, and velcro to close it up.  Shin armor may be added later, but it needs a greeblie 100%

Waist items:  A waist belt will be added made of dyed and distressed fabric to go under the blaster holster belt.  Custom made belt buckle, and holster.  I will either make an ammo belt for cartridges or ammo pouches eventually.  I'm not a fan of the cummerbund I made, doesn't suit what I've made so far.

Cape:  Not required but I have one and I will wear it because where else do you get to wear a cape and look awesome.  It is cut around the neck, sewn to fit my shoulders, and folds sewn in to make it look cooler.

Armor build:

I started with a purchased Stalker file helmet  Cut out the right round ear cap and will prep it for rangefinder electronics.  I printed, post processed and painted a Din Djarin chest, shoulders, abs but I came to the conclusion that it didn't fit the design of my helmet. I also found the files I obtained for the chest stuck out and didn't contour to my chest.   So I learned fusion 360.  All armor but the helmet, back, and knees are designed by me (although I added knee darts and panels to the knees).  3d printed with PLA or PETG, sanded, painted, distressed and will attach to the armor by snaps rather than velcro, some parts like shoulders and gloves will attach with velcro.   I would like to eventually add detail to the back of the chest plate to match what Din Djarin in season 1 after his battle with the mudhorn.

I plan to have two knees,and two hips, but will add thighs and perhaps shins to my armor set.

A Z6 jet pack has been printed but the backplate was quicker to start and finish so I will go with that for now.

Blaster:  I resin printed an MW 20 Bryar as seen in Andor.  The barrel pivots but is held in place with magnets to keep it from free spinning.  I want to make a longer rifle like the DLT 19 eventually.

Gauntlets:  Both gauntlets are a clam shell style opening and will be secured with wires running through, and velcro on the underside to keep it upright, and black foam to keep it from moving anywhere.  One gauntlet has a missile top with no moving parts.  The other has a PLA non sharp knife that is held in place from falling out, with the flick of my arm the knife can be deployed to a fixed point and at the raising of the arm it falls back into place, held again by magnets.

Fully Kitted pre app photos will come soon.

WIP thread

Custom armor design



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Re: WIP from Wasu'ran in BC Canada
« Reply #1 on: Feb 02, 2023, 08:41 PM »
Great work!! You'll be an OM in no time!  :mtu: :like:


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