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 The MMCC is seeking a new Quartermaster!

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Darasuum Prudii

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The MMCC is seeking a new Quartermaster!
« on: May 23, 2023, 11:59 AM »
All Official Members:

There is an opening for the position of Quartermaster for the Mando Mercs Costume Club.

On behalf of the International Command Council and Mandalore the Uniter, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Corey Applegate, Coreysnaps, for her service as QM over the past 10 years.  Corey has been instrumental to the advancement of the MMCC, it's brand, livery offerings, events, and fundraising activities.  There are no words to adequately explain or express our gratitude for her contributions over the years; from countless hours planning and volunteering at Star Wars Celebrations, to spearheading MercsCon, the MMCC footprint has only increased because of her hard work and dedication.  Corey, we wish you nothing but the best in all things and look forward trooping with you at every opportunity.  Thank you Corey.

The MMCC will be accepting applications for the Quarter Master between the following dates:                     
May 23rd, 2023   to   June 6th, 2023  

The overall description of the position, and a general idea of the responsibilities, are listed below.  It is important to know, these are the "generalized" version of the responsibilities.  The Quartermaster role will have responsibilities that can change as the position changes.  Due to the role's close proximity to organization finances, and use of organization cash and credit accounts to carry out the duties of the role, the Quartermaster must be an Official Member in good standing that resides in the same country as MMCC's international headquarters (continental United States).

The Quartermaster (QM) serves the essential function of overseeing the branding and creation of physical branded items, as well as all aspects of MMCC livery, the generation of receipts from livery and memberships, and the ownership, maintenance, and upkeep of the MMCC Member Marketplaces. The QM also plays a pivotal part in the Marketing Team, coming up with ideas to increase organizational visibility, fundraise and assist in accomplishing the association's non-profit mission

Some, but not all, of the duties are as follows:
As the director of branding and livery, the QM will ensure that all usage of MMCC intellectual property on livery produced by the association is done so within the accepted  policies and procedures of MMCC.
As a member of the Marketing Team, the QM shall interface with other team members to create and implement a marketing strategy for the club.  The QM shall also evaluate current and new vendors as-necessary to maintain the club’s best interest in livery production.
Working closely with the Exchequer, the QM shall have access to certain MMCC accounts, a credit card, and shall submit reports as-requested on items.
Oversees ownership and management, operation, use, and training of the MMCC Member Marketplace.  Additionally, facilitates the processing of Axillary and Supporter memberships as well as proper and prompt shipping of all international livery items purchased from the Member Marketplace
Oversees changes, moderation, and updates to the “Trading Station” category and associated boards on the MMCC official forums.  Also takes up one seat on the Hawker’s Guild triumvirate, providing a voice from the Supply Corps and Administrative Cabinet in guild management.

You must be an Official Member, in good standing, and you must reside within the continental United States in order to be considered for this position.

You must submit your application to the MMCC Archivist.  Please include the following:

Real World Name:
Forum Name:
Catalog Identification number:
Current MMCC offices you hold:
Past MMCC offices you held:
A description as to why you are the best candidate for the position, which should include any real world experience you have for such a position:

All applications must be submitted by 11:59pm Eastern USA time, on the end date listed above to be considered for the position.

Thank you,

Kaden'Dha Runi


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