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 Cartoomics Milan - ITALY - 24-25-26 November 2023

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Cartoomics Milan - ITALY - 24-25-26 November 2023
« on: Jul 24, 2023, 04:03 PM »

Ori'cetar Clan Italy is honored to invite you to take part in the 2023 edition of Cartoomics/Milan Games Week, the largest comics and games convention in northern Italy, which will be held in Milan from 24 to 26 November 2023.
A Star Wars themed area of  over 1000 square meters with unique sets and props will be prepared.
Here you will be able to request an audience with Jabba in his throne room, visit the caves of Hoth, prepare for take-off with x-wing (1:2 scale), ride through the desert of tatooine on a rideable speederbike and a landspeeder, fight against an at-st (the one displayed on SW 2023 Celebration!) and, for the first time ever, meet the Armorer and all Ori'Cetar Clan Mandalorians in their new S1 forge.

In this edition, we will host The Pink Force Day, on Saturday, November 25th, with the extraordinary participation of Albin Johnson. In this occasion, the Italian R2-KT will be presented to the public.
You can't miss it, we look forward to see you.

It would be nice to be able to celebrate this important event all together with a large participation from many foreign MMCC clans!

We look forward to seeing you in Milan for a great Mandalorian invasion! For whoever will be present we can provide changing rooms.
You will soon be provided with information regarding the possibility access tickets.

The event is organized by the Galaxy Association in collaboration with Rebel Legion Italian Base, 501st Italica Garrison and Ori'CetarClan.
The Pink Force Day is organized by The Pink Force Fundaciňn in collaboration with the Galaxy Association.

If interested please provide your pre-booking by September 30. Further info will be provided on interest.

Some logistic suggestions:
- TRAIN = from Milan Central Station, take the Green Line Metro (towards Famagosta) and change at Cadorna Station, change with Red Line Metro towards Rho Fiera (terminus).
- AIRPLANE = from Linate Airport direct bus-shuttle service to Fiera Milano Rho; from Malpensa Airport railway service “Malpensa Express” (to Cadorna Station and then Red Line Metro towards Rho Fiera )

A short video of 2022 edition:

Some pics from last events:

OM2498 - 4th Nov 2020


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Re: Cartoomics Milan - ITALY - 24-25-26 November 2023
« Reply #1 on: Sep 19, 2023, 07:01 AM »
Here below you could find info & details for registering for the event and dinner.

[ROSTER ] Cartoomics, Milan, 24/26 November 2023
Date: 24/25/26 November 2023
Location: Rho Fiera Milano / Pavillion 11
Opening hours: 9.00/19.00

this year's appointment with Cartoomics (Milan Games Week & Cartoomics) is renewed.
The big news of this year's edition will be the extraordinary celebration of the PINK FORCE DAY, an important international charity initiative that will have the lovely R2-KT droid as its testimonial. Once again, "5 Legions and 1 Heart" will be allied for this important event.

Special guests for the event, alongside the Legions and the "ambassadroids", will be the 501st Legion and Galactic Academy founder himself, Albin Johnson, joined by Andoni Serrano of The Pink Force Foundation.

The large Star Wars area of the exhibit, managed by the “Galaxy” Association, will host the “Pink Droid with the Heart of Gold” that will activate an important fundraiser in favor of our charity partners LILT (Italian League for the Fight against Cancer) and Onco Beauty;  enjoying a truly remarkable set-up even larger than the previous edition, with many sceneries for photosets, set up in a large area increased to 26x46 mt, equal to almost 1.200 square meters of space reserved for the legions.

The main theme of our exhibit will once again be TATOOINE, featuring styled wall panels, the fearsome AT-ST, the mighty Jabba on his palace throne, an imperial Speeder Bike,  Luke’s Land Speeder, the Mandalorians’ prison and - newly unveiled  -  the glorious Mandalorian forge, with many other props. A dedicated area will enclose the frozen planet of HOTH with the huge Wampa and a Tauntaun, and, to make it even better, the now well-established 10-meter long Death Star-themed corridor will return, along with our fantastic Escape Room, to close out the rich atmosphere.

We are working to see if there will be passes available.
If you want to purchase the ticket, you can do so directly from this website:

We will have the usual area with reserved dressing rooms.
ONLY Legionnaires on duty are allowed in the locker rooms, NO friends or relatives are allowed unless authorized by the direct supervisors present.
We remind you that you have the right and duty to "report" any intrusions by people who are not part of the Legions.
Those who have scheduled shifts with other non-legion groups will have to change in the areas dedicated to their stand or in the cosplayer area.
These last points will be strictly monitored.

As anticipated above, the PINK FORCE DAY celebration will activate an important fundraiser in favor of the charity partners Italian League for the Fight against Cancer - LILT and Onco Beauty.

A dedicated roster will follow.

November 15th

Please reply below specifying NAME, SURNAME, COSTUME and DAY(S) of PRESENCE

Cartoomics group dinner, Saturday Nov. 25 2023


As a tradition, we will hold a group dinner for this year's edition of Milano Cartoomics, where we will also celebrate the PINK FORCE DAY event together with our guests Albin Johnson and Andoni Serrano.

Compared to previous editions, this year we had to anticipate the dinner reservation to better accommodate our international guests.

The buffet dinner will be held at the NH Hotel Milano Fiera, which is the exhibition Hotel, located at this address: Viale degli Alberghi 1 20017 Rho Milan Italy.
The hotel is within easy walking distance from our pavilion.
In addition to dinner, there will be a small DJ set and a space for merchandising fans to exchange patches with our guests.

Buffet with selection of 4 appetizers, salad fantasies, 2 first courses, selection of desserts, fruit salad, water, soft drinks and coffee - one beer or one glass of wine is included.

58.00 euros per person, to be payed in advance to this paypal account: by October 21, 2023.

Reservations are open until October 21, 2023.
Within 15 days before the dinner (starting November 10), reservations will NOT be refundable.

Meeting time is 8 pm at the lobby of the NH Hotel.
Wristbands will be distributed to access the dinner.

Please note that last-minute registration will not be possible; dinner must be reserved and paid for in advance as described above.
If interested, please fill out the following file indicating your full name, the number of people that you are booking for (including yourself), your garrison and any food intolerances.

Registration deadline: Saturday, October 21, 2023.

Thank you all and enjoy your meal!

OM2498 - 4th Nov 2020

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