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 KayJ's First Ever WIP

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Re: KayJ's First Ever WIP
« Reply #15 on: Jan 09, 2018, 03:25 PM »
Great progress so far! Iím liking the vest, canít wait to see more from you.

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Re: KayJ's First Ever WIP
« Reply #16 on: Jan 13, 2018, 08:48 PM »
Thank you all for the support and guidance! I don't think I'd be able to keep going without all of you!

The road goes ever on and on...
(and I know I haven't even gotten to the hardest parts yet!)

Progress continues and it seems like my days are always divided into two parts: A- home & sewing vest; B- work & helmet work

Part A: my vest
It's getting closer at least. :) Dummy isn't quite the same size as me, so she doesn't fill the vest quite right, but it's a good idea right now for getting the gest. Also, excuse all the many pins. I like to keep them in until I topstitch. Which will be next week.

Still not too sure about that dip in the front, but I'll have a better idea of how to fix that if need be once I have the girth belt. That's hopefully the next paycheck or so :) Overall, though, I like the way it looks.

Side lacing will have gold grommets. The lacing matches the flight suit.

(Sorry this one's a bit blurry, me and the camera don't actually like each other!) This one has me the most worried at the moment. There is a black weatherproof separating zipper in the back there, which I plan to cover with a panel. I've already been cautioned on back closures being more difficult, especially as I plan to have back plates. I'm leaning toward the split plate design in my above post, which will actually have an exposed spine. Like I said though, I'll cover the zipper with a panel. I suppose I could sew it straight up the back (Velcro neck closing) and depend on the side lacing for actual closure, but I've been warned about that as well for taking the vest on & off repeatedly and quickly. Thoughts? Assurances? Clarification? Ideas?

So that's where that is at the moment. Sitting in the back room on Dummy, waiting until next week to have more work done.

Part B- my bucket:
After taking out the center of the visor, I'm now trying to open up the visor more by mashing up two pieces from two different pep patterns. I am trying to minimalize the amount of structure I'll have to redo and take out of the helmet I've done so far.  So here's the plan right now-

These are the right cheek pieces I want to mash. The top is my current JFSW-Sky cheek piece, but I want the curve of the A7R on the bottom. So I'm going to draft a new cheek piece with the curve of the A7R basically on top of the Sky piece. The pieces between visor and cheek will accordingly be adjusted.

And here are the two right visor pieces that I'm going to mash. Sky and A7R, just like before. I'll need the curve of the A7R to match the cheek piece, and I'll need the Sky to be along the top and the correct depth.  I think this will be the best way to get a bit more of the vision I need. It's doable, right? Now I just have to draft the pieces... yikes!

Actually, I kind of like the drafting part. It's soothing, focusing so much. So while I may be at work right now, I'm going to go work on that, while watching season 5 of Orphan Black. ;)

I really do appreciate all of the feedback and encouragement. It would be very easy to get discouraged or decide to go out on my own and not be official without it. So keep it coming, please! Until next time!


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