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 Gauntlet Snap-Electronics and General Questions

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Gauntlet Snap-Electronics and General Questions
« on: Jan 14, 2014, 08:36 PM »
So, i've been thinking a lot about my gauntlets and how exactly i'll go about making them. I've had a few ideas on what I want to do with them and what I want attached to them, but implementation is a very different thing. So, here we go:

Electronics mounted into the gauntlets:
I'm certain this has been done before, but i'm wondering how i'll accomplish it. Probably, get all the switches and lights and buttons i'll need, measuring them, and cutting holes to match through the gauntlet. Just kinda asking if this is the best way to do it, or if I should do a kind of button panel or something.

Wiring idea:
Well, i've been kicking this around for a while. My idea was to use metal snaps to conduct electricity through my suit and wherever it's needed. This could help out not just for my gauntlets, but allow my to keep battery packs in my belt or in a backpack, or activate fans in the helmet from the gaunt, or turn lights on and off for effect. Just wondering if this is both crazy or not and if it's been done before.

Mounted Fletchet Cannon:
I want to have a mounted cannon on one of my gauntlets. I've been thinking about it, and a few problems have come up. One being the firing mechanism. I remember seeing a disk launcher in one of my reference books with a trigger on a handle that extended into a warriors hand. I'm thinking this is too clunky to be practical if my Mando were to quickly switch from the launcher to pistols, or even fire it with pistols in hand. I also was thinking about a firing stud on my gauntlet, but then my other hand would have to be used, and I can think of a half dozen problems with that. Another problem is ammo supply. Sticking a clip of fletchets into my gauntlet would look pretty clunky, so I was thinking of having a sort of ammo feeder running up my arm and into either my pack or an ammo container on my shoulder.

Full Hand Gauntlet:
I know that gauntlets usually only cover the forearm, but I was wondering if I could have something like small armor plates coming from the gauntlet onto my gloves. This isn't so much a matter of practicality as it is wondering if this is just a good idea or not.

Well, thanks for reading any of that. I've rambled long enough.

Carid Vhett

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Re: Gauntlet Snap-Electronics and General Questions
« Reply #1 on: Jan 15, 2014, 05:06 AM »
Actual firing is a NO NO. Just remember that.

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Re: Gauntlet Snap-Electronics and General Questions
« Reply #2 on: Jan 15, 2014, 05:16 AM »
Electronics in gauntlets can be whatever you're comfortable with. Just avoid "Earthly" looking things like unobscured smartphones and such. Boba's original gauntlets had discrete switches and lights, all individually mounted, which is probably easiest for the hobby electronicist. More than that and you start getting into projects boxes and increased power demands and with space in the gauntlets at a premium, that can become too much. Simple can be best, often. A blinking light here, or a glowing status lamp there, or a simple animated display can be all it takes to make a kit pop. Don't need to be the Neon Mando. ;)

No need to reinvent the wheel with wiring. Your local Radio Shack will have various connectors for getting electrons from a battery to a light or circuit board. Unshielded conducting metal is a good way to get zapped or -- worse -- accidentally zap someone else. I power cord fed through a buttonhole or grommet from a hidden pocket or pouch is way easy.

The flechette cannon sounds fun, but per club rule would have to be non-firing. Just to be clear. For ideas, take a look at some of the Knightfall story arc from the Batman comics, when Azrael was filling in for Bruce. Here's an example:

You could use a backpack for ammo storage, rather than a rocketpack, maybe...

Hand armor is cool. Some people go with full armor gauntlets, fingers and all. Or you could maybe tackle building a crushgaunt -- but those tend to interfere with your ability to use that hand for other things.


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Re: Gauntlet Snap-Electronics and General Questions
« Reply #3 on: Feb 12, 2014, 01:06 AM »
Very interesting ideas especially using the button snaps to hide the wiring. From my experience the human body has too much resistance to shock with low voltage without some help (alternating current, water) so there is low risk with that. The few worries that I have with it is if a piece of metal connects the two circuits and shorts it out. When this happens, besides some sparks, the metal, wiring, and batteries get very hot and can either burn you, start a fire, and/or the battery can explode. The other issue is that sometimes a button snap will not create a good connection which will cause you issues with things not working. If you plan on doing this then make sure that you insulate any exposed metal from the outside of your armor (so that there is no accidental shortenings) and your skins (so that your sweat does not risk giving you a shock). If you want to know what it feels like take a 9-volt battery and touch the electrodes with your tongue, then imagine that in a more sensitive area.

For mine I was thinking of putting some switches in my left gaunt for my helmet (volume, blue tooth, visor light up, etc.) and to control the display on the chest plates. I am planning to use the back plate to carry a few batteries or an RC battery pack (if I can get the correct voltages). As for bringing the wiring to the gaunt, I have seen several builds with tubes for the flamethrower going to them, that could be disguised to hold the wiring. Another idea was to run it underneath the jumpsuit and having it connect with a quick disconnect connector at the neck and wrist.

If you want to have a cool weapon on your gaunts that you can shoot, I would stay away from projectiles as Carid Vhett has said and instead go the blaster route. There are several Mandalorians with wrist blasters that you could model it after. The if you want to you can put a LED in it to light it up and put a small soundboard to play a blaster sound when you trigger it. For the trigger you could put it on the gaunt or run a small pushbutton switch to your palm in your glove and you can push it like with your middle finger when you make a fist. Just make it look like it belongs and be tasteful.

How ever that you decide to build your kit remember this "KISS" Keep It Simple, Stupid. If things get too complicated then it is a real pain to get it to work or fix it when it breaks. Been there many times and even all these years later I still will make that mistake. Hope to see more of your build.



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