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 NEW MERCS BLASTER GALLERY. (Place pictures of your CRL-approvable blaster here)

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My collection.


Naasad Tal

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Here's my current loadout...The verpine doesn't come out often as I prefer to stay hands free as much as possible. I also am planning to update it very soon to match the rest of my weapons and kit better.


Chris S. OM# 454
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Thought I'd spend some time working on the Amban Sniper Rifle for display, may make it to a troop one day.



Markonnen OM #1486

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MARS #051; AWOO #019

Ashen Kelborn

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Aw heck, been a while.

Current blaster (one of 2)

This is my Rubies DL-44

This is my 3D printed DL-44

This is my Rubies EE-3 Carbine Pistol Conversion. My Favorite blaster transformation yet!!

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Kael Ma'El

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Hi, this will be my blaster.

OM-2687  - 21/02/2022
"There are two kind of bounty, the ones that they want alive, and you." - Jarrell Ma'El.
First.... sorry for necro posting

Second.... this is my current blaster for my kit. Just got OM a few days ago and figured I'd share. :-)
My snub nosed jyn erso blaster.

Thanks for viewing.

Kabur Be'Ade

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Modern Era Weapon - E11 Blaster

This weapon shown is CRL compliant as part of my approved Modern Era, Light Armor kit. I was recently approved as an Official Member and now part of the Wasu'ran clan.

This E-11 Blastech blaster rifle is a Doopydoos E-11 Full Resin kit with T-Jay's Completion Kit and 3D printed items from Suitcase Props. I also made every effort to replace resin components with metal ones. I strived for screen accuracy, realism and battle worn. To make it a Mandalorian compliant weapon, I installed nearly a dozen cover plates to hide earth cultural references - namely, military markings with combination of alphabet characters and numeric characters. Yeah, the Doopydoos E-11 Full Resin kit was that good; modeled after screen used E-11s that were built on top of decommissioned sterling machine guns. Fascinating topic.

Hope you enjoy the pictures; glad to share this beauty of mine  :D

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This its my blaster modificación of a nerf gun
And my sintra westar 35

 :mtu: :boba: :jango: :sabine:

Rápido como el viento, silencioso como el bosque, raudo y devastador como el fuego, inmóvil como una montaña.
DH-17 Blaster Pistol and Holster.

Xonn Krys - Mandalorian Bounty Hunter, Captain of the Dragon's Fortune
Here's my modified DLT 19 heavy blaster rifle, with modified muzzle and sniper scope.

"These are small, the ones out there are far away.........rangefinder to maximum magnification!"

Fenn Beviin

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"Try not to become a man of success, but a man of value."

Instagram: mythos_fenn_shysa

Mythos Fenn Arms (A Sales Thread):

Fenn Shysa WIP:

Blaster Addiction - So many Blasters:

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