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 HBF Conversion Guidelines

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Hondo Karr

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HBF Conversion Guidelines
« on: Nov 29, 2011, 09:55 AM »
This has gone live today as an Official CRL Addendum:

My photo's were used in this because they were readily available to me as they are on my files. This is not a great example of paint apps, it was a tester helmet on a new weathering technique which has been greatly improved. If anyone has any pix of  all 4 sides that meets the criteria listed and visually demonstrates the addressed areas, I would be more than happy to showcase another members work here!

This is live and effective today. Anyone out of compliance is Grandfathered under the typical Grandfather Clause rules. Any new builds will be held to this.

So, last year a new toy hit the shelves... the Hasbro Boba Fett helmet (HBF)!

As soon as costumers heard it was coming the talks started on if it would be usable or not. I set out to do a modification to the helmet to seek Council approval for the helmet. Admittedly, I used a method that may seem a bit advanced or even excessive to some however, it was done using methods and materials I am very familiar with so, it was easy for me. Since then, several others have come along and used other methods, some much simpler. Some of these methods have been successful and others not so much.

I have already written a tutorial on how I made the changes to the bucket so, I will not readdress that here. He I will simply show what minimum expectations are required to have the helmet modified.

I will be quite honest with everyone when I say that the HBF sits on the very brink of extinction with this club. While a very workable base to build a fine helmet with, the modifications needed (no matter what method is done) is neither simple nor easy. It takes alot of work and not a single step can be skipped or the helmet will keep a person from being approved.

The HBF has several “issues” with it to begin with that must be corrected and an issue that as long as it’s properly addressed, does not require a change.

So the goal is to go from:
This (on the left) to that (on the right)
(Again tutorials already exist and can be found by clicking HERE)

The helmet in that photo has a more TCW Deathwatch style face. That is an acceptable modification technique. However, it is not required.

The helmet may be kept along the aesthetic design of Boba Fett and Jango Fett’s helmets as well.

Below you will find a photo and text reference of the changes that MUST be made in order for the helmet to pass CRL’s:


The front of the helmet MUST have the following changes:
1.   Dent must be filled
2.   Dome seam, where it meets the brow, must be filled and smoothed
3.   The crossbar of the mandible must retain a proportionate width to canon sourcing. Simply overlaying a  filler will result in a disproportionate mandible width.
4.   Cheeks must be elongated and the seam must be filled and smoothed to appear seamless.
5.   The visor width must be made proportionate to canon references or/and HIGHLY customized.


The right side MUST have the following changes:
1.   The range finder seams must be filled and smoothed.
2.   Any and all seams on the faceplate from overlay or rebuild must be filled and smoothed.
3.   Push buttons on the right earcap must be covered (to retain operation) or filled and smoothed.


The left side MUST have the following changes:
1.   The center-line dome seam of the helmet MUST be filled and smoothed
2.   On the earcap, all holes, seams etc. must be filled and smoothed. The bottom center crew MAY be left open if you  are keeping the built in electronics operable as it will allow access to the battery box.


The back of the helmet MUST have the following changes:
1.   Where the dome meets the brow band, the seam must be filled and smoothed.
2.   Where the back of the helmet meets the brow band must be filled and smoothed.
3.   The rear vents MAY be left open but in general it is recommended they be filled and smoothed.

The helmet MAY be altered from the traditional Fett look to more custom looks with the visor, accessories, Mohawks etc. However, these changes will be held to the same type of appearance standard as any other customized helmets.

The HBF should not be considered for use for canon character builds. There is FAR too much work and cost involved. One would be better off buying a proper cast helmet from a reputable seller on the forums for canon character builds. These helmets should be used exclusively for custom characters.

Here are some examples of HBF’s that have been approved and are considered acceptable for club use:



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