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 Design set, need thoughts and setting

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Design set, need thoughts and setting
« on: Apr 23, 2015, 10:09 PM »
Alright. I have my design I want to make (1 of 2. but the second can wait. I want to do my custom character before I do a General Grievous inspired one)

The set up is based of the 'light' armor idea. But there with an asymmetrical aspect to it. I'll have the standard chest, back, knees, shins, and boots. However the left arm is going to be more heavily armored than the right. The right will have a simple shoulder piece and forearm guard. The left will have a heavier double layered shoulder piece, upper arm, forearm, and elbow armor, as well as an armored glove. The idea is that the left is the "shield" arm. With the tech basis being a mix of the normal strengths of Mandalorian armor along with a localized force field generator (droid~ish tech) and a crush gauntlet system.

This would make for a very agile fighter with a very powerful defense system that would rely extensively on flexibility, dodging, and acrobatics.

However I'm not savvy on the expanded universe or the tech timeline. So I don't know if the idea above would fit in any where... So it may not even get considered for approval.

As for the more normal design bits:

I want the to make tasset like armor. The Arch clone troopers have them but from what I can find they are fabric. I was going to make them out of armor plastic so they serve a defensive purpose.

The helmet style I really like is the NME Stalker. But I am going to have to work on scratch building it so it probably won't be nearly as detailed.

I was hoping to use a set of dual blasters. Preferably the exact style as Captain Rex'. For long arm I'm going to be modding a nerf gun into a PDW style double barrel blaster. With the hops of making a barrel attachment later to gie it a long range application. How to do that though is still pending...

I was also going to use a full cape/cloak but I don't want is around my neck. So I figured I'd cut two slots in the back plate and rig up hooks and grommets. To make it look more integral to the outfit rather than just a covering.

Lastly is color scheme.

Gray flight suit. Gray cloak. Black boots. Armor paint will be black and purple with maybe a sort of flame pattern. Then lots of weathering on the left arm (If I can bring myself to damage it after i get it finished). Finally, I don't know if it will look quite right, but I want a stylized claw painted on the helmet's left side.

Re: Design set, need thoughts and setting
« Reply #1 on: Apr 23, 2015, 10:09 PM »

Pencil sketch of parts

The gloves look terrible. but the idea i wanted to keep on paper is to use small gauge braided steel wire. Sew them into place and it's just a unique detail. The finger tips would be "armored claws". Cut and formed out of sintra and then glued to the fingers. Rifle is a very basic idea of what I want grip/stock wise as well as the "break point" where it's a PDW gun vs. a long rifle. and the gadet is just a gadet... like a regulator or status screen for the defense system in the left arm.

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Re: Design set, need thoughts and setting
« Reply #2 on: Jan 11, 2017, 10:33 PM »
From what I can see, Your armor concept fits in with EU. The clawed gloves remind me of the Sith Stalker, and the heavy on one arm is right in line with the Weapons Master Brigade already within the Mercs.

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Re: Design set, need thoughts and setting
« Reply #3 on: Jan 12, 2017, 10:29 AM »
Interesting concept.

A couple things that pop into my head with it. Going with an asymmetrical look is fine, as long as it looks intentionally asymmetrical. I would encourage adding at least a small deltoid plate to your strong side, to help keep that intentional asymmetry look going. Something else to keep in mind is to make sure you don't look too top-heavy.

As far as the tasset armour goes, a lot of us do something similar with a kama(that's the half-skirt looking thing that ARC troopers have). In-universe, they have some beskar reinforcement to them, and they're designed to protect the back of the legs from jetwash, shrapnel, and brush. In real-world practice, most of us tend to just go with fabric ones for comfort and the ability to sit down easier. You could, if you wanted, add small plates to the outside similar to scale plate armour. I wouldn't do solid pieces, since they'll need to flex as you move.

The DC17 Hand Blasters should be fine. They're canon, and Mando'ade generally take whatever weapons strike their fancy, so I don't forsee any problems with them. Crushgaunts are also fine, in fact they do get used in some of the Brigade-level standards.

Overall, your kit falls into the Modern era, so as long as you follow those CRLs, you should be fine. The two biggest things to strive for are quality and consistency. As long as you have those, I think you'll be fine. I would also recommend keeping your local Ruus'alor in the loop as you build, so that you can successfully get through on your first round of app photos.

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