Keldabe Talk Radio (KTR) is the official podcast for the Mandalorian Mercs costume club. In production since winter 2007, our very own online radio show airs (usually) once a month through download on this page. You can also find us on your favorite podcast streaming service! If you have any questions or comments, please email us. Please also join in the discussion on our very own forum board, linked below. You may also subscribe to our RSS to download all of our shows and listen on the go! Have a question? Use the link above to go to our forum and ask. We’ll answer.

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(All previous episodes can be downloaded from our previous host at BlogTalk Radio.)

Cast Biographies

Chro Message

Chro (Ian Anderson) has been an official member of the Mercs since 2010. He is a member of Wampa Clan, and serves as the host and producer of KTR. Chro is a graduate of NESCOM with a Bachelors degree in Radio Broadcasting.

Hik'aari Message

Hik’aari (Nicholas Wetzel) has been an official member of the Mercs since 2015. He is a member of Vok’Chi clan, and currently serves as their Alor’ad. He is also the current Tech Team XO, along with volunteering on both the Supply and Education Teams. In day to day life Hik’aari is an Automotive Engineer working for a worldwide organisation. When not working he can be found in various video games, or enjoying tabletop and roleplay games. Hik’aari is located in England, UK.

Tak'ur Message

Tak’ur (Simon Spencer) has been an Official member of the MMCC & Vok’Chi clan since December 2017, he is currently serving the clan as Ver’alor. In day to day life Tak’ur is a Fire Safety Consultant supporting a number of UK Charity organisations, when not working he can be found behind the controls of a TIE/In on the new Star Wars Sqaudrons game, in the SW:TOR universe hunting bounties or relaxing by cooking & baking for friends & family.

“My life is fire & blood / Ner oyay cuyir tracyn bal tal”

Jaryn Solus Message

Jaryn (Lee Rossi) has been an Official Member of the Vok’Chi clan since November 2017. Editor of the monthly BattleCry magazine (go read it) and member of the International Advisory Committee, Jaryn plans to stop building new kits. Real soon. Honest.

At home, Jaryn spends most of his time chasing after his two kids, enjoys reading, tabletop and roleplaying games (especially X-Wing miniatures) and is slowly allowing his 3D printers to take over the garage…

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