Koska Reeves – The Mandalorian S2

All armor must be made of a solid material such as 3d print, fiberglass, styrene, sintra or Vac-formed ABS. Armor must have dimension and give the appearance of thickness and depth according to the visual references of this character.  All armor and soft parts must be weathered where indicated in visual references to give the illusion of battle wear and damage.


  • Helmet is live action Nite Owl Style – Different from Bo Katan
    • The center point of the Nite Owl visor descends lower than the top of the mandibles. See visual reference.
    • The overall shape of the helmet must be more bell shaped than Bo Katan.
  • Helmet is painted dark blue – Ultramarine
  • Helmet must feature rear keyslots with a raised border and 7 total louvres
  • Left earcap is flat paneled with a center cutout and angled bottom
  • Right earcap is identical to the left ear cap with an additional upper piece to hide the rangefinder attachment
  • Helmet has metallic silver rangefinder stalk
  • Range finder topper is painted black
  • Inner RF section is painted lighter grey with the reticle being black
  • Helmet has a dark blue or black visor dark enough to obscure the wearer’s features.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Inner part of the range finder is opaque cast resin with a small black rectangle on the bottom.
  • Rangefinder stalk is made of metal.

Flight Suit

  • Flight suit must be a cotton or cotton blend two piece garment colored carbon grey
  • Flightsuit has visible lighter grey
  • Must have long sleeves with short sleeves on top of them made from the same material
  • Short sleeve length should match to the length of the shoulder armor exactly
  • Short sleeve is terminated with 4 rows of topstitching. Sleeve hem is visible from the outside of the sleeve.
  • Short sleeves are attached to the upper 75% of the sleeve leaving an open gap at the armpit.
  • Long sleeve features rectangular panels in the bicep area with top stitching extending from under the short sleeve to just above the elbow. Rectangular panels consist of three outlining stitches and three vertical inner stitches.
  • Long sleeve features 5 rows of triangular detail stitching at the elbows
  • Flightsuit Pants feature panelling on the inner thigh with double top stitching
  • Flightsuit Pants must feature brown leather top paneling on the top of the thigh just above the knee
  • Flightsuit Pants must feature a brown leather panel over the outside of each hip.
  • Flightsuit has no visible pockets
  • Flightsuit has light weathering across its entirety

BRL Level Approval:

  • Piping and brown sections of flightsuit are made from leather.
  • Inside the collar of the flightsuit is a turtle neck made of black knit stretch elastic fit snugly to the wearer.
  • Suit has double topstitched princess seams, starting at the armpit across the chest and continues down the legs.
  • Top sleeve of the suit features 4 rows of topstitching at the bottom of the sleeve.
  • Bottom sleeves have a rectangle panel stitched at the biceps.  The border of the rectangular panel is double topstitched.  Inside that panel is a another topstitched centered rectangle, equally divided by four stitches.
  • Long sleeves have 6 rows of horizontal stitching at the elbow, with diagonal crisscross topstitching on top.
  • Flightsuit pants feature two parallel lines of top stitching that is centered on the leg and ends ends just above the knee.  Visible on the outside edge of the aforementioned top stitching is a long leather/vinyl patch, trapezoid in shape.
  • Flightsuit pants back features double horizontal topstitching around the knee up into the lower portion of the seat that connects to vertical topstitches on the backside of the suit.
  • Seat of the flightsuit is made of a stretch material with a twill weave, slightly lighter than the base color of the suit.
  • At the top of the seat is a brown panel with light decorative stitching in a “V” shape.


  • Must be made of  the same material as the flight suit with added brown leather paneling
  • Vest must include a V neck opening where the neck seal attaches.
  • Must include an integral neck seal
  • Neck Seal must be made from 8 individual panels – 4 in the front, 4 in the back. Seams have double top stitching.
  • Must have a flap style opening in the back extending up the neck seal.
  • Vest must feature leather/faux leather shoulder paneling
  • Shoulder detailing should have 12-16 rows of horizontal quilting
  • Vest must feature leather insert paneling from armpit to bust.
  • Insert paneling should have 7-9 rows of horizontal quilting

BRL Level Approval:

  • Brown panels and piping on the vest are made from leather.
  • Brown panels at the top of the shoulder feature sixteen lines of  vertical decorative stitching that has matching thread color.
  • Nine lines of decorative stitching are present on the side vest panels, bordered by two parallel lines of top stitching on the gray part of the vest.  Stitching on the brown panels should match the color of the panel as close as possible.
  • Eight lines of top stitching are present between the two brown panels, with light contrasting thread color.
  • Horizontal top stitches at the abdomen of the vest need to line up with the seam between the chest and abdomen plates.


  • Boots are a Brown- chelsea style ankle high boot.
  • Boots may either feature a full wedge style (Stunt boot) OR feature a chunky heel (S2E3 Boat scene on Trask, and S2E8 Dining with Bo)
  • Boots have no visible zippers or laces

BRL Level Approval:

  • Boots are the Clarks Orinoco Blub Chelsea Boot or acceptable replica.
  • Visible in the triangular cutout of the gaiters is a small silver stud on the outside of the boot.

Boot Covers

  • Boot covers are made from dark brown leather
  • Boot covers must cover the top, sides and back of the boot
  • Boot covers extend to ~2” away from the toe.
  • Boot covers must feature a brown band around the widest part of the calf
  • Brown band must be 3-4” tall
  • Boot covers must have a velcro closure on the inside of the leg.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Boot covers and straps are made from leather.
  • Gaiter flares outward as it goes down toward the ankle and fits snugly over the boot.
  • Cutout at the base of the cover is triangular in shape with a rounded point.


  • Gloves are a black leather or leather-like material
  • Gloves must feature double stitch detailing from wrist to both first and 4th fingers
  • Gloves must feature criss-cross pattern at wrist
  • Gloves should be worn under leather gauntlet liner

BRL Level Approval:

  • Gloves are the found part Nappaglo Nappa Lambskin Curve gloves, or acceptable replica in black.
  • Gloves are made from leather.

Chest Armor

  • Consists of a solid chest plate with integrated diamond and abdominal plate
  • Sides of the diamond slope toward the inner center rectangle
  • All plates are painted dark blue*
  • Chest diamond is dark chrome beskar in color.
  • All plates feature black wash weathering
  • Chest armor should feature angled upper corners near the armpits
  • Chest armor should feature rounded bust sections with a single subtle crease featured on the outer transition
  • Abdomen plate should extend to the bottom of the vest
  • Chest armor should be securely attached to the vest
  • Chest armor must have insert detailing above the diamond “upside down y” shape

BRL Level Approval:

  • The inner rectangle of chest diamond is bordered by another inset rectangle longer with a smaller stepped inset detail.  The base of the chest diamond also features a small vertical linear detail.
  • Recessed linear details of the chest armor should be weathered heavier than the surface of the armor.

Back Armor

  • Backplate is painted dark blue
  • Backplate must be overlapped by Shoulder Epaulettes
  • Backplate must be securely attached to vest
  • Backplate must provide flush mounting location for jet pack
  • Backplate must have trapezoidal section open under jetpack location
  • Backplate must have ~2” gap to the armholes of the vest

Cod Armor

  • Cod armor must be painted dark blue
  • Cod armor must sit directly below the belt
  • Cod armor must be trapezoidal in shape with a curved lower section to accommodate for thighs when seated

Hip Armor/Faulds

  • Hip Armor must be painted dark blue
  • Hip armor must curve to the shape of the wearer
  • Hip armor must be securely attached to the flight suit
  • Hip armor will sit under the right holster
  • Hip armor is octagonal in shape with the lower sides extending to mid thigh
  • Hip armor must feature a raised center section with detail insets on the front and rear of the plate.
  • Hip armor must feature a “lip” around the outside of the plate

Knee Armor

  • Knee armor must be painted dark blue
  • Knee armor is a variation of the traditional modern style knee plates with a center and wing on either side that sees the front edges of the plate angle back slightly into wearer giving the impression that the center is thicker than the wings.
  • Knee armor outer wings must sit higher than the center section. The gap between the center and wings is trapezoidal in shape with the larger of the two openings facing the inside of the wearer’s knee.
  • Knee armor must appear thicker than standard 3mm armor in the center section
  • Knee armor must feature a rectangular center panel over the knee cap
  • Knee armor must feature a taper at the bottom of the knee cap
  • Knee armor just have a 15mm raised platform on the outer wings
  • Knee armor outer wings must sit higher than the center section with a trapezoidal connection to the center.
  • Knee armor is attached to the wearer with no visible means of attachment.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Recessed square on the center of the knee tapers slightly towards the bottom of the knee.
  • Two parallel, horizontal recessed lines are seen on the inside wing of the knee.
  • Knee armor must attach using black elastic hidden into the flight suit pants at a hidden vertical seam in the flightsuit pants.

Shoulder Strap/Epaulette Armor

  • Epaulettes must be painted dark blue
  • Epaulettes must sit over the seam on the vest to the neck seal and approximately 2” from the shoulder seam. Epaulettes also cover the inner part of the pleather top stitching on the vest.
  • Epaulettes must feature a raised section on the inner and outer edges of the piece
  • Epaulettes must feature heavier weathering than the rest of the kit

BRL Level Approval:

  • Epaulette armor overlaps the brown shoulder panels on the flak vest and must not touch the chest armor.
  • Backside of the epaulette armor slots into two notches into the top of the backplate.

Shoulder Bell Armor

  • Shoulder armor is painted blue
  • Both shoulders feature a rounded top and flat bottom
  • Must feature a recessed  rectangular section at the bottom of each shoulder bell
  • Shoulders must sit in line with the bottom of the short sleeve of the flight suit.
  • Both shoulders feature black and white “Nite Owl” Sigil

BRL Level Approval:

  • Nite Owl sigil is painted on the shoulder armor and not a decal.


  • Koska has the same gauntlets as Live Action Bo Katan
  • Gauntlets are painted dark blue
  • Gauntlets have no visible closure methods
  • Gauntlets appear to have clamshell construction of a top and bottom
  • Gauntlets must feature raised sections at both the front and the rear wrapping the entire circumference of the piece.
  • Lower section of the gauntlets must feature inset rectangular panel between the raised front and rear sections
  • Lower section of the gauntlets must feature 5 rectangular insets on the front raised section closest to the wrist. Approximately ¼” in size
  • Gauntlet bottoms must feature a rectangular inset panel on the rear raised section
  • Gauntlets must feature brown leather interior lining extending ¼’ beyond both the front and rear of the gauntlets, worn over the gloves.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Gauntlet interior lining is made from leather.

Right Gauntlet

  • Right gauntlet features a raised trapezoidal platform at the rear with 2 inset rectangles painted black
  • Right gauntlet must feature 3 “flamethrower” tubes painted silver
  • Right gauntlet must feature “empty keypad” athe to front of the gauntlet misted charcoal grey
    • Empty keypad serves as the hidden knife platform
  • Rectangular platform connects the trapezoidal plattform to the keypad section
    • Rectangular platform features a top rectangular detail running 1/2 the length of the platform.
    • Smaller top platform has 3 rectangular insets
    • Platform also has small half cylinder extending from the front of the small top rectangle detail about 1.5”

BRL Level Approval:

  • Both inset rectangles on the raised platform at the rear of the gauntlet are painted black.
  • Empty keypad at the front of is misted charcoal gray.

Left Gauntlet

  • Left gauntlet must feature Whistling Birds housing across the top
    • Conical section of the WB housing must be painted bronze
    • WB housing must be painted charcoal grey with heavy silver weathering
    • WB housing has rectangular top detail that must be painted dark blue
  • Left gauntlet must feature keypad on the front section painted charcoal grey
    • Rear bezel of the keypad is slightly larger than the surrounding bezel
  • Inner section closest to the lower features two different sized rectangular insets

BRL Level Approval:

  • Conical section of the whistling birds housing must be painted bronze.
  • Whistling bird housing must be painted metallic grey with heavy silver weathering.
  • Whistling bird housing has rectangular top detail that is painted medium blue.

Hand Plates

  • Handplates must be painted dark blue
  • Handplates extend from knuckle to wrist
  • Handplates are identical to the Bo Katan handplates
  • Handplate as a small brown leather underlayer that extends ¼” toward the knuckles
  • Handplate has 4 rectangular panel insets in the vertical direction
  • Handplate has dimensional bends at the forefinger and pinky widths

BRL Level Approval:

  • Under layer of hand plate is made of brown leather.
  • Four parallel recessed lines are visible on the top of the hand plate.

Ammo Belt

  • Ammo belt is made from Brown leather or leather-like material
  • Belt features 8 identical pouches
  • 4 pouches are worn around the back
  • Innermost right pouch covers the attachment point for the gun holster
  • 2 pouches are worn over each hip bone
  • Innermost right pouch covers the attachment point for the gun holster
  • Pouches must feature an offset angled seam across the front
  • Pouches must feature a symmetrical flap style closure
  • Main buckle is made in two parts
  • Right brushed aluminum Trapezoid
  • Center black anodized buckle with brown square detail
  • Secondary metallic cinch buckles are located on the outside of each hip
  • Ribbed girth belt is made from brown leather and worn under the ammo belt
  • Girth belt is ~3.5” tall
  • Girth belt features 4 ribs that show above and below the buckles

BRL Level Approval:

  • Ammo belt, pouches, and backed girthbelt are made of brown leather.
  • Pouches must feature a slight angle on either side of the flap and symmetrical style closure.
  • Light visibly contrasting stitches are present around the edges of the flap.
  • Center belt buckle and holster attachments are made of metal.
  • Four ribs are visible backing the ammo belt, two on the top and bottom.


  • Holster is made from brown leather or leather like material
  • Color is slightly lighter in color than the belt leather
  • Holster is made in a Y shape connecting to the ammo belt in 2 locations
  • Ammo belt connectors are triangular shaped brackets with D rings – metallic in color
  • Holster must attach under the girth belt
  • Holster is wet formed to the live action Westar 35
  • Must have structural leather that hugs to the detailing of the westar
  • Tip and trigger of the westar 35 must be visible when holstered
  • Holster must feature white/tan top stitching around all edges of the Y and the molded holster.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Holster is made of brown leather.
  • Connecting hardware to the ammo belt is made of metal.
  • Tip and trigger of the Westar pistol must be visible when holstered.
  • Holster must have light contrasting top stitching around all edges of the strapping and holster body.


  • Must be a live action Westar 35.
  • Based on the AW Custom Hi-Capa Airsoft Pistol.
  • Pistol must feature extended rear section with 4 raised rectangular details.
  • Magwell must be filled and painted silver.
  • Handle scales must be silver with single button head hex screw.
  • Handle must feature thumb lever on both sides.
  • Trigger must feature 3 distinct cutouts.
  • Pistol must feature rounded top section with a slightly lowered area just before the emitter tip.
  • Rounded section is dry brushed to appear metallic.
  • Pistol must feature a set of cut outs showing the emitter cylinder at the front end of the pistol.
  • Pistol body must be thinner in front of the trigger group than the rounded top section.


Jet Pack

  • Live Action Style Smaller jet pack
  • Must have beacon painted metallic or machined from metal attached to the left of the main tube body
  • Top segment of beacon is brass in color
  • Must have two vertical rectangles within a panel line on the right opposite the beacon
  • Must have two long vertical rectangular details on the main center spine
  • Center rocket must feature smaller fins around the main cone and piano keys in the transition section
  • Must feature matching blue vertical rectangles on the top surface of each outer thruster
  • Outside thruster tubes are painted blue
  • Jetpack must have three indents on the bottom raised detail near the end vent
  • Yellow triangle outlines are painted at the below each blue detail rectangle on the outer thrusters
  • Transition rings on both tops and bottoms of each cylinder are painted chrome
  • Main body of jet pack is painted metallic grey
  • Vent on the bottom of the center cylinder is painted charcoal grey
  • Jetpack must mount flush to the backplate with no visible means of attachment
  • Jetpack should be worn above the height of the shoulders such that the underside of the pack can be seen from the sides.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Jetpack beacon is made from metal.
  • Transition rings on both the top and bottom of each jetpack cylinder are painted chrome.
  • Outermost edge of the jetpack features diamond shaped top layer with three recessed horizontal parallel lines at the top.