Mandalorian Police – Guard Captain

All colors and patterns should match the reference photos. Fleece, flannel, spandex, and any other shiny fabrics will not be accepted unless stated otherwise.


  • The helmet has a standard round dome and is smooth around the outside (no key slots). The front has “v” shaped mandibles that end approximately 1 inch below the chin.
  • The face shield has a cutout that is rectangular at the top with an angled square part at the bottom that is approximately 2-3” wide and 1-2” long over where the nose would be. The cutout has a black lens for eyes.
  • The top of the face shield is angled and comes to a point in the center, where a ridge runs vertically down the center of the face shield between the eye cutouts. The face shield is attached to the helmet at circular ear caps that have an indented circle in the middle.
  • There are two fins on each side of the dome that start approximately 1.5-2” from the center of the brow ridge on each side and continue to the back of the dome where they flare up approximately ½”
  • Helmet is painted light gray overall, with dark gray cheeks and light gray mandibles and face shield. There is a dark gray section covering both sides of the dome, that starts approximately 1.5-2” from the center of the brow ridge and extends along the fins to the back of the dome then splits at right angles and runs down to each ear cap.


  • The tunic is dark gray with short sleeves and a “v” split in neck seal
  • Center of tunic has a light gray stripe in the center of the armor pieces approximately 2-3” wide and starts at the color and ends the diamond shape cut out of the ab plate
  • Tunic ends at mid thigh
  • Bottom of tunic has a triangular shape that is light gray
  • Back of the tunic has a light gray stripe that starts under the collar and ends in a triangular shape at the bottom edge of the tunic


  • The undershirt has long sleeves and matches the dark gray of the armor


  • The pants are a light gray that matches the armor

Shoulder plates

  • The shoulder plates cover the entire shoulder area with rounded top and bottom and straight edge on the sides
  • Plates are dark gray with light gray edge that is approximately ½” wide
  • Left shoulder has Mandalorian Police Sigil matching reference photos
  • Right is plain with no markings

Chest plates

  • There are rectangular chest plates straight across the top and top corners are angled.
  • Outside edges of chest plates are straight with short triangular fangs.
  • Inside of chest plate edges are straight with 2-3” space between each the plate and bottom inside corner is angled like the top outside corner
  • Plates are dark gray with light gray edge that is approximately ½” wide
  • Torso spacing is close with only approximately ½ – ¾” between plates

Ab plate

  • Bottom edge of the ab plate is straight across,
  • Outside edges of the ab plate match the width of the chest plates at the top and taper slightly approximately ½-1” to the bottom.
  • Top of the ab plate follows the contour of the triangular chest plate and fangs and has 2-3” gap that ends approximately 1-2” from the bottom of the ab plate in squared diamond.
  • Ab plate is dark gray with light gray edge that is approximately ½” wide
  • Chest and ab plate center forms long squared diamond shape
  • Torso spacing is close with only approximately ½ – ¾” between plates


  • The collar covers top portion of back and front chest area and is the same length in front and back
  • Collar has a split in the center that is approximately 1” space in front
  • Collar is dark gray with light gray edge that is approximately ½” wide
  • There are 2 fins in the center of each side of the collar running to the back the same length in front and back
  • Torso spacing is close with only approximately ½ – ¾” between plates

Back plate

  • Two triangular plates sit on each shoulder blade. There is a space between the plates approximately 2-3” wide that matches the front
  • Back plate is dark gray with light gray edge that is approximately ½” wide


  • The boots are knee high leather or leather-like and are dark gray

Knee plate

  • The top of boots have a knee plate that is plus shaped and fits into a groove in the top of the boots, matching reference photos
  • The knee plate is dark gray

Shin Plate

  • Over the boots there is the dark gray plate that covers the width of the front of the leg and is the same color as the boots

Girth/holster belt

  • The belt is medium gray approximately 2-3” wide with silver or light gray detail in the front that matches reference photos
  • Right side of belt has matching medium gray pouch on right side approximately 2-3” wide and 4-5” tall with flap, no visible closure
  • Left side front of belt has a belt loop approximately 1” wide and 2-3” tall with two eyelets that matches the medium gray of the belt
  • Left side of belt under the arm has a metal cylinder approximately 2-3” wide and 4-5” long

Gloves/wraps/arm specific accessories

  • Gloves are light gray
  • Gauntlets wrap around the entire forearm and have an attached hand guard
  • Gauntlets are light gray with 1 large rectangle on each gauntlet, matching reference photos
  • Hand guard is light gray with a dark gray edge approximately ½ inch


  • The baton has two handles forming a right angle and each has a silver knob on the end. The weapon end of the baton has a black handle portion that ends in a silver vented shroud with round holes matching reference photos(insert photo)

Character specific accessories

  • Shield ends in octagon shape with each end having a rectangle cut out. The two octagons are connected by a wide square.
  • Approximately 2” of the edge of the shield is light gray, the interior is dark gray. There is a sigil painted in the center of top octagon shape, matching reference photos.

Acceptable Armor Material

Fiberglassed/resined paper board
Worbla is only allowed for adding additional details to armor plates as it is not strong enough on its own.
Any visible EVA foam is not allowed. EVA foam is only allowed as backing for other materials as long as it is not visible.
If unsure, please contact an Applicant Team member for clarification.

Acceptable Armor Attachment Methods

Screws (if visible, screw head must be filled and sanded smooth)
Leather and nylon strapping may be exposed.
Elastic strapping must be concealed EXCEPT on knees, elbows, and “Boba Thongs” where they must be color matched to flight suit.

Unacceptable Armor Attachment Methods


Quality of Armor/Prop Material

All armor parts and props should have no visible construction methods including but not limited to Bondo, putty, filler, 3D print lines or sanding marks. All finished parts should have an even and smooth finish. Paint that has bled under taped off sections must be cleaned up and not left unaddressed. Only parts that are supposed to be crude within the Star Wars universe such as bone or other organic materials, cracked leather, hammered metal, severely weathered parts, etc. are exempt.

All painted parts should have an even and smooth finish. Rushed, excess paint resulting in runs, uneven, and orange-peeling paint jobs will not be accepted.