All armor must be made of a solid material such as fiberglass, styrene, urethane rubber, sintra or Vac-formed ABS. Armor must have dimension and give the appearance of thickness and depth according to the visual references of this character. All armor and soft parts must be weathered where indicated in visual references to give the illusion of battle wear and damage.


  • Helmet must be the Open Seasons styled Death Watch helmet with a more narrow, block shaped “T” visor that obscures the wearer’s face.
  • The overall design of the helmet features high backed rear panels that curve forward to the bottom of the mandibles giving the helmet a higher, more narrow profile than their True Mandalorian counterparts.
  • A large raised solid band encompasses the back of the helmet continuing as a brow to the front of the helmet all the way down to the end of the mandibles at the base of the helmet. The ends of the mandibles may either be straight or slanted inward towards the helmet visor.
  • On either side of the “T” visor are two small indented lines approximately 2-3″ inches long and stop well before getting to the back of the helmet.
  • The front brow of the helmet also features two (2) stylized horns that must match Open Seasons references as close a possible.
  • Helmet dome, rear panels, and lower cheeks can either be a medium green, dark green, or black. This color must match the chosen color for the armor.
  • Applicants must choose a secondary color, which will be applied to the raised area around the visor. Dark blue, yellow, or light green are acceptable colors.
  • Helmet is weathered to match the references.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Helmet design will be closely analyzed for design elements from Open Seasons and subject to review by the Brigade Team.
  • Helmet is weathered with realistic looking mud and dirt which will be carefully scrutinized.


  • Full flightsuit is required. No short sleeved flightsuits allowed. The only permitted Legends character from this series permitted with short sleeves is Montross.
  • Double sleeved flightsuits are not permitted for use with this character.
  • Flightsuit color may be light or medium gray and cannot have contrasting sleeves. The color of the top, bottom, and sleeves of the flightsuit must match. The flightsuit color must contrast with that of the armor.
  • Flightsuit is worn in a relatively loose fashion with some bagginess noted in the arms and legs of said suit. This fit is specific to this character and has no bearing on custom CRLs.

Neck Seal

  • Neck seal should closely match the flightsuit and flak vest in color and provide a clean transition, obscuring the neck from view into the helmet.
  • Neck seal may either be attached to the flak vest or flightsuit and close at the back as there is no apparent seam or closure method in the front in visual references.
  • Due to the high backed nature of the helmet, a balaclava or another type of head covering must be worn to obscure bare parts of the applicants head.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Neck seal must have a wrinkled appearance.


  • Capes for this character are optional.
  • If a cape is present, they must be either worn off one shoulder or around the neck, partially obscuring the collar plate.
  • Cape length should fall to no longer than the back of the knee or fall excessively short than the waist items.
  • Cape color is restricted to dark green, blue, red, or yellow.
  • Cape material should be of a sturdy composition of either duck cloth or canvas.


  • Gloves should be close to the references and give the appearance of Mandalorian Crush gauntlets.
  • Design of the crush gauntlets may vary, but the gloves should have armored panels on the back of the hand and fingers, featuring convention safe spikes on the knuckles.
  • Glove colors should complement the color of the other soft parts and exhibit weathering consistent with wear and use depicted in the comic.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Glove base is made of leather.

Flak Vest

  • Vest is of a basic design that closes at the sides, featuring front, back, and side panels fit snugly to the wearer.
  • Vest color must match that of the flightsuit.
  • The bottom edge of the flak vest must not be visible and be tucked into the waist items.

Waist Items & Ammo Belt

  • Brown leather, or leather like girth belt that can be either a bolo style rope belt or a solid wrap design that extends around the wearer’s waist.
  • Over top of the girth belt is a smaller ammunition belt with a minimum of four (4) brown pouches made of leather or leather like material.
  • For applicants building this character, it is permissible for the waist items to encroach upon the abdominal plate of the armor. This is something specific to characters from Open Seasons and has no bearing on custom CRLs.
  • Ammunition belt orientation must feature four (4) pouches mounted in the following orientation;
    • Four (4) pouches mounted straight across the front.
    • Two (2) pouches on either side of a silver frame style belt buckle.
  • May also include two (2) oversized pouches hanging below the belt, suspended above the hips (one on each side).
  • Holsters are allowed and may include leg straps worn over the thigh plates. Holsters must be brown in color, matching the ammunition belt and must resemble reference images. The holsters are made of leather or leather-like material.
  • If holsters are present, the Cod piece may have two 1 to 1 ½ “holes no more than one third of the way down from the top of the cod. If holsters are not being used, there should be no holes in the front of the cod plate.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Belt, waist items, and holster are made from leather.
  • Belt buckle, if used, is made of metal.

Boots & Spats

  • Must be sturdy style combat boot with aggressive style soles.
  • Any laces must be fully covered by the leg of the flight suit and by the boot armor
  • Boots color should match the flight or be light to medium grey in color.
  • Surrounding the boot and transitioning the boot to flightsuit is a spat, darker in color than the flighsuit. Either medium gray or black.
  • Spat is of a simple construction that ends well below the knee with a seam present on the outside of the wearer’s leg. No closure method is noted due to the varying nature of the art in the graphic novel, but spats can be secured on the inside of the leg with anything within reason such as buckles or velcro.


  • Armor must be of light or medium configuration. Medium armor configuration consists of a collar, two separate chest plates, chest diamond, an ab plate, back plate, shoulder plates, thigh plates, cod piece, knee plates, shin plates and boot plates.
  • Cod piece and back plate are required. They cannot be substituted by loin cloth or full cape.
  • Boba Fett style “thong” is not permitted on this character. Cod piece must sit flush to the builder.
  • Armor plate designs for the chest plates, ab plate, thigh plates, knee armor, shin armor and back plate must be sourced from the Open Seasons comic books.
    • The mating edge between the chest and ab plates must differ from standard modern plates. For an Open Seasons Mandalorian this means the edge must be a smooth continuous curve with no angles or corners. Approximately hemispherical in shape but with a more pronounced center.
    • The outside edges of the chest plates must have an inward hemispherical edge. The chest plate fangs must follow along the mating edge and end at the edge of the Ab plate.
    • The back plate may be a single solitary piece or one of three segmented designs referenced in the comics. Builders can split their backplate into seven (7), five (5), or (2) evenly spaced armor plates as seen in the references of Open Seasons.
    • Some design variance is accepted of the thigh plates, but overall they are vaguely egg-shaped in appearance with an exaggerated, longer edge on the outside top corner of the builder.
    • Knee armor must feature two dart boxes, trapezoidal in shape, on both the inside and outside of the knee plate while the overall design is more angular and sharp than that of the standard modern style knee plate.
    • Shin armor features more angled edges, and sides that slant inward toward the builder the closer to the boot the plate gets.
    • Boot plates are trapezoidal in shape.
  • Color of the armor must be a light to medium green or gunmetal and match that of the helmet dome and back panels and weathered to match references.
  • Shoulder and knee armor may be painted blue, yellow, or orange.
  • The use of external straps on armor is prohibited.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Knee darts are made of metal.
  • Armor construction and weathering will be highly scrutinized to ensure it is done in a manner consistent with the comic books. This includes an excessive amount of realistic dirt and mud.


  • Must be of a basic clamshell design with a top and bottom half split up the inside and outside of the arm that tapers inward slightly as the gauntlet gets closer to the wrist.
  • The top shell of the gauntlet features a flattened appearance.
  • A large cylindrical blaster greeblie is present on the top of each gauntlet. Variance in design is acceptable here as long as the look meets the overall spirit of the comic references.
  • Outside of the gauntlet shells must feature a long skinny trapezoid box.
  • Gauntlet hoses and connections are optional for these characters. If including hoses and connections, a tapered cone is present on the inside top corner of the gauntlet shell, connected to a hose that is medium gray in color.
  • Gauntlets may be blue, yellow, orange or red.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Gauntlet closure method is hidden from view.
  • If used, hoses have to give the impression that they are divided into segmented sections.
  • Gauntlet construction and weathering will be highly scrutinized to ensure it is done in a manner consistent with the comic books. This includes an excessive amount of realistic dirt and mud.


  • Death Watch stylized “W” sigil must be worn on left shoulder plate and colored a muted red. Builders also have the option of wearing it on the left chest plate around the top outside corner.
  • Death Watch sigil is not backed by anything and stands alone on the armor.
  • Clan sigils may not be worn if depicting this character.
  • All other sigils and insignia are strictly restricted.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Sigils and appropriate backing must be painted onto the armor. Vinyl or printed decals are prohibited.


  • Jetpacks are optional for this character. If a jetpack is used, a backplate still must accompany the pack.
  • Any jetpack worn must resemble or be similar to the Mitrinomon Z-6 in design but some design variance is allowed so long as the overall look is maintained.
  • Builders must have an era-appropriate recognizable canon SW weapon from that era, defined as late-Republic to pre-Clone Wars era.


**Addendum: The Open Seasons style armor plate requirement is not meant to exclude female members from becoming Open Seasons Death Watch Grunts. Female-style chest plates that conform to the general appearance/configuration of Open Seasons style plates are acceptable.