This CRL depicts the character Montross as he was seen in Open Seasons. All armor must be made of a solid material such as fiberglass, styrene, urethane rubber, sintra or Vac-formed ABS. Armor must have dimension and give the appearance of thickness and depth according to the visual references of this character. All armor and soft parts must be weathered where indicated in visual references to give the illusion of battle wear and damage.


  • Helmet must be a standard style Mandalorian helmet with classic “T” shaped visor that obscures the wearer’s face.
  • The Helmet ears must feature inset vented ear caps like those seen in the Open Seasons references and also have NO keyslots at the rear of the helmet or indented “turn signal” triangles on the forehead.
  • No borden connector is present on the lower right cheek of the helmet.
  • Helmet dome, rear panels, and lower cheeks are bright silver in color. This color must match the chosen color for the armor. Helmet upper cheeks must be a similar color that contrasts slightly with the chosen base color of the helmet.
  • The helmet mandible are painted blue in color.
  • Standard modern style rangefinders are required for this character. Rangefinder stalk is silver in color with the topper painted medium gray.
  • A note on the yellow sigil on the rangefinder side of the helmet is below in the sigil section of this CRL.
  • Helmet is weathered to match the references.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Helmet rangefinder stalk is made from metal.
  • Helmet is weathered with realistic looking mud and dirt which will be carefully scrutinized.


  • Shortsleeve flightsuit is required. The middle of the bicep down to the top of the forearm must be exposed.
  • Flightsuit color may be medium gray with a bluish tint or medium blue weathered appropriately. The color of the top and bottom of the flightsuit must match.
  • Flightsuit is worn in a much more tailored appearance than Montross’ Open Seasons counterparts, who wear their flightsuits in a loose, wrinkled fashion.
  • Knees of the flightsuit must give the appearance that they are padded.
  • Quilted lines are present running vertically along the leg portion of the flightsuit.

Neck Seal

  • Neck seal should closely match the flightsuit and flak vest in color and provide a clean transition, obscuring the neck from view into the helmet.
  • Neck seal may either be attached to the flak vest or flightsuit and close at the back as there is no apparent seam or closure method in visual references.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Neck seal must have a wrinkled appearance.


  • A Cape for this character is required.
  • The cape must be work around the neck, partially obscuring the collar plate. If using a jetpack, the cape may be worn off one shoulder.
  • Cape length should fall to the back of the knees.
  • Cape color is medium blue.
  • Cape material should be of a sturdy composition of either duck cloth or canvas and give a tattered appearance.


  • Gloves should be fingerless and close to the references and be made of smooth unlined leather or leather like material.
  • Gloves colors should be light to medium grey and extend just over halfway to the wearer’s elbow.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Gloves are made of leather.

Flak Vest

  • Vest is of a basic design that closes at the sides, featuring front, back, and side panels fit snugly to the wearer.
  • Vest color must be medium gray or gray with a bluish tint to match the flightsuit.
  • The bottom edge of the flak vest must not be visible and be tucked into the waist items.

Waist Items & Ammunition Belt

  • Ammunition belt is a single wide belt that is medium brown in color and made from leather or leather like material. The ammo belt must feature three (3) medium brown pouches made from leather or leather-like material mounted two of the same pouch over either hip, and a smaller pouch in front of the right side pouch.
  • Under the ammunition belt is a wide wrinkled looking girth belt also made of leather or leather like material. Color may be the same or slightly darker than that of the ammunition belt.
  • For applicants building this character, it is permissible for the waist items to encroach upon the abdominal plate of the armor. This is something specific to characters from Open Seasons and has no bearing on custom CRLs.
  • Montross features a single silver skull adornment in the middle of the ammunition belt.
  • Leather strapping is observed crisscrossing behind the skull and connecting to the ammunition belt. Two long loose straps of leather are seen draping off to the right of the skull and the other falls down behind the wearer’s left. The length of these straps stop at about shin height on the wearer.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Belt, waist items, and holster are made from leather.
  • Skull on the belt is made of metal.


  • Must be sturdy style combat boot with aggressive style soles.
  • Any laces must be fully covered by the leg of the flight suit and by the boot armor
  • Boots color should match the flightsuit or be light to medium grey in color.


  • Montross features a lighter than normal armor configuration consisting of chest plates, a chest diamond, abdominal armor, a cod plate and shoulder plates.
  • Boba Fett style “thong” is not permitted on this character. Cod piece must sit flush to the builder.
  • Armor plate designs for the chest, abdominal, and shoulder plates must be sourced from the Open Seasons comic books.
    • The mating edge between the chest and ab plates must differ from standard modern plates. For this version of Montross this means the edge must be a smooth continuous curve with no angles or corners. Approximately hemispherical in shape but with a more pronounced center.
    • The outside edges of the chest plates must have an inward hemispherical edge. The chest plate fangs must follow along the mating edge and end at the edge of the Ab plate.
  • Color of the armor must be a bright silver and match that of the helmet dome and helmet back panels and weathered to match references.
  • Shoulder armor must be painted blue.
  • The use of external straps on armor is prohibited.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Armor construction and weathering will be highly scrutinized to ensure it is done in a manner consistent with the comic books. This includes an excessive amount of realistic dirt and mud.


  • Montross wears a red square “[ ]” on his chest plates and both shoulder plates.
  • On the rangefinder side of the helmet is a yellow True Mandalorian skull.
  • MMCC Team Admin or Clan sigils may not be worn if depicting this character.
  • All other sigils and insignia are strictly restricted.

BRL Level Approval:

  • Sigils must be painted onto the armor. Vinyl or printed decals are prohibited.


  • Jetpacks are optional for this character.
  • Any jetpack worn must resemble or be similar to the Mitrinomon Z-6 in design but some design variance is allowed so long as the overall look is maintained.
  • Color reference is available in bits and pieces for the jetpack, but the base color of the jetpack must match that of the armor. Accent colors matching the blue, yellow, or red, seen on Montross are also acceptable due to lack of references so long as they are minimal in placement.

BRL Level Approval:

  • For brigade level approval, a jetpack is required.


  • Montross carries a hand held blaster rifle with a stocky, block-like appearance.
  • Design variation is acceptable so long as the blaster has the following elements.
    • Optics that give the appearance that they’re built into the rifle placed inline with the receiver and not offset. The side closest to the user gradually slopes up to the front, while the side furthest away from the user ends abruptly.
    • A cylinder like greeblie attached to the blaster on the left side of the receiver.
    • A snub nose barrel with a small cylinder on the front of the blaster.

Weathering Notes

  • Montross features various options for weathering. At no time should this costume be clean.
  • The options for weathering are as follows;
    • Costume can be muddy featuring splatters and smears of mud and dirt in a medium to red brown color heavier at boots. Soft parts should feature caked mud and splatter.
    • Costume can be heavily weathered featuring liberal amounts of paint chipping and scratches. Soft parts should feature enough dirt, scuffs and grime to be easily distinguishable against the base soft part.
    • The costume should be consistently weathered for either option.


**Addendum: The Open Seasons style’ plate requirement is not meant to exclude female members from becoming Open Seasons Montross. Female-style chest plates that conform to the general appearance/configuration of Open Seasons style plates are acceptable.