Clan FAQ

What is a Mercs Clan?

In the Mandalorian Mercs, a ‘Clan’ refers to a localized group of members that regularly attend events in the same area. Often times, this is set to cover state/province borders, and in some cases may encompass an entire country. Clans are the backbone of the club, and provide a local family for our members to regularly interact with and often offer up their knowledge to help new members learn how to make their own suit of armor.

How can I find my local clan?

Using this page, you should be able to find your local clan. Click the link provided for your local clan to visit their forum board and introduce yourself!

We have clans in many areas, but you may find that there is currently no clan in your region. if that is the case, follow the link to the region board, and see if there are any other forum members in your region.

Do I have to join my local clan?

If there is a local clan in your area then you will automatically be counted as a member of that clan. If there is no clan in your local area then you will automatically be part of the regions stronghold where you are located. How active you are with your clan or stronghold is totally up to you.

Can I make my own Clan?

Possibly. If you are the first members in your area, you will be part of the local Stronghold.

To create a full Clan, you’ll need seven members. For more thorough information, please see the Mercs By-laws section on Clans.

View the By-Laws

Who is the Clan Administration Officer?

Currently, Kaden’dha Runi serves as our Clan Admin. He is responsible for helping new clans come together, and helps solve other clan-related issues. If you have any questions about clans in general, please direct them to him. If you have a question for your local clan, however, please contact them directly.

Send Kaden’dha Runi a Message

Clan Officers: Don't see your clan? Is our information wrong?

Please contact Thaxos to see that it is fixed promptly!

Ever wonder who is in what clan?

We’ve added a new feature to help you find this out more easily! The Mercs forum has a custom profile field on every Official Member that indicates what clan they are a part of and this field is searchable. In order to locate members of a specific clan, you will need to hover over the Members button, select ‘Search for Members’ and on that page you will enter the specific name of the clan you wish to search for.



Due to the way the search function works, the clan keyword cannot contain any apostrophes. Please consult the following list of keywords for each clan/squad.

Are there Mandos near me?

This google map can show you members near your location

Clan Database

Logo Name/Forum Locale Region Forum Keyword Events
Bes'uliik Clan Tennessee / Arkansas Southeast USA Besuliik
House Buurenaar Verda Florida Southeast USA Buurenaar Verda
Kamino Clan New Zealand Australia Kamino
Haaranovor Clan Alabama Southeast USA Haraanovor
Naast Clan Georgia Southeast USA Naast
Talon Clan North / South Carolina Southeast USA Talon
Veshok Clan Mississippi / Louisiana Southeast USA Veshok
Black Mountain Guard Clan West Virginia Northeast USA BMG
Blue Moon Clan Kentucky Northeast USA Blue Moon
Falco Clan New York Northeast USA Falco
Firaxan Clan New England (Mass/CT/RI) Northeast USA Firaxan
Firestorm Clan Virginia Northeast USA Firestorm
Kyrimorut Clan Maryland Northeast USA Kyrimorut
Mav Oya'la Clan Pennsylvania Northeast USA Mav Oya'la
Raquor'daan Clan New Jersey Northeast USA Raquor'daan
Rancor Clan Ohio Northeast USA Rancor
Tra'cor Clan Michigan Northeast USA Tra'cor
Taakure Clan Indiana Northeast USA Taakure
Wampa Clan Maine Northeast USA Wampa
Arqet Clan Southern Texas South-Central USA Arqet
Ge'tal Vheh Clan Oklahoma South-Central USA Ge'tal Vheh
Murraan Clan Nothern Texas South-Central USA Murraan
Shonare Vhekadla Clan Arizona South-Central USA Shonare Vhekadla
Vhe'rang Clan New Mexico, El Paso, Texas South-Central USA Vhe'rang
Cerar Clan Colorado North-Central USA Cerar
Krayt Clan Utah North-Central USA Krayt
Netra Vhipir Clan Nebraska North-Central USA Netra Vhipir
Nexu Clan Illinois North-Central USA Nexu
Vhett Manda Clan Iowa North-Central USA Vhett Manda
Yustapir Clan Missouri North-Central USA Yustapir
Oyu'baat Clan North/South Dakota North-Central USA Oyubaat
Hawaii Stronghold Hawaii Western USA Hawaii
Haran'Galaar Clan San Diego, California Western USA Haran'galaar
Manda'galaar Clan Los Angeles, California Western USA Manda'galaar
Gurreck Clan Washington Western USA Gurreck
Concordia Clan Oregon Western USA Concordia
Teren Clan Central/North California Western USA Teren
Nevada Stronghold Nevada Western USA Nevada
Gaht Kyrbes Clan Quebec, Canada Canada Gaht Kyrbes
Hett'ciri Clan Alberta, Canada Canada Hett'ciri
Vhetin'Ade Clan Manitoba, Canada Canada Vhetin'Ade
Oya'la Ca'tra Clan Saskatchewan, Canada Canada Oya'la Ca'tra
Big Fang Clan Mexico South America Big Fang
Vode'an Clan São Paulo, Brazil South America Vode'an
Diryc Vhetin Clan Netherlands Europe Diryc Vhetin
Jai'galaar Clan Germany Europe Jai'galaar
Orar Galaar Clan France/Switzerland Europe Orar Galaar
Red Fist Clan Russia Europe Red Fist
Twin Suns Clan Belgium Europe Twin Suns
Vok'chi Clan England / Ireland / Scotland / Wales Europe Vok'chi
Sandhawk Clan Australia Australia Sandhawk
Cin'ciri Verda Clan Wisconsin North-Central USA Cinciri Verda
Jur'Akaan Clan Puerto Rico South America JurAkaan
Meshurok Clan Idaho North-Central USA Meshurok
Razorcrest Clan Minnesota North-Central USA Minnesota
Beskar Gett'se Clan Montana North-Central USA Montana
Delaware Stronghold Delaware Northeast USA Delaware
Vermont Stronghold Vermont Northeast USA Vermont
New Hampshire Stronghold New Hampshire Northeast USA New Hampshire
Ciry'Kurs Clan Ontario Canada CiryKurs
Maritimes Stronghold Maritimes Canada Maritimes
Northern Territories Stronghold Northern Territories Canada Northern Territories
Hungary Stronghold Hungary Europe Hungary
Czech Republic Stronghold Česká Republika Europe Česká Republika
Sweden Stronghold Sweden Europe Sweden
Ori'Cetar Clan Italy Europe Italy
Death Watch Clan Ecuador South America Ecuador
Kranak Clan Singapore World Wide Singapore
Guam Stronghold Guam World Wide Guam
Wolves of Mandalore Central California Western USA Central California
Dxun Wraithguard Spain Europe Dxun
Kar'ta Beskar Clan Killeen, Texas South-Central USA Kar'ta
Scyk Clan West Texas South-Central USA Scyk
Wasu'ran Clan British Columbia Canada Wasu'ran
Costa Rica Stronghold Costa Rica South America Costa Rica
Aiwha Riders Clan West Central Florida Southeast USA West Central Florida
Batuu Clan East Central Florida Southeast USA East Central Florida
Drexl Clan North West Florida Southeast USA North West Florida
Protectors of Lothal Clan North East Florida Southeast USA North East Florida
Scarif Clan South Florida Southeast USA South Florida
Vu'traat Clan Poland Europe Poland
Ruka'Kura Clan Argentina South America Ruka'Kura
Korea Stronghold Korea World Wide Korea
Gaht Cabur Sweden Europe Sweden