One of our main aims is to make life better for those who need our help and every Mercs member is actively seeking an opportunity to raise money for local and international charities during their events.

The Mercs is currently the only costume club to have formed its own charity: Little Warrior International. The goal of our charity is to help sick and underpriviledged children.

We don’t stop there, we also help our members with awards and scholarship donations, to help our members individually improve themselves.

Founded in November of 2007, Little Warrior International (LWI) began it’s crusade as a small internal fund created by donations from members within MMCC.  Known at the time as “Verd’ika Fund” (Verd’ika = Little Warrior in the Mandalorian language) MMCC members donated $250 to purchase presents for an orphan who would be celebrating the holidays alone.  Like today, MMCC members  felt that no child should go through life without even the faintest glimmer of hope.  Who better to bring these children hope than the very heroes they dream about; STAR WARS™ characters!

Since those early days, the mission of LWI has expanded to include helping fund other grass-roots charities in the local communities we serve.  LWI also raises money to help with disaster relief where children are affected.  From lifting up a sick child to raising money for relief efforts, LWI bring a greater purpose for MMCC members than just costuming.

Throughout the year MMCC Clans and Members raise money at local conventions and events, as well as collect donations through Paypal.  Because MMCC & LWI are governed by an all-volunteer staff, 100% of these funds go to fulling LWI’s mission. Examples of LWI in-action:

  • Providing gifts/funds to children and families in need during the holidays.
  • Benevolence donations to help fund local non-profit charity organizations.
  • Benevolence donations to help fund youth outreach programs.
  • Fundraising for disaster recovery.
  • Fundraising for medical research.
  • Operation B.O.B.A anti-bullying campaign.

2016 Statistics

  • Donations received: $8,532.59
  • Children/Families in Need Helped: 5
  • Charitable Organizations Funded: 3

2017 Statistics

  • Donations Received: $5,416
  • Children/Families in Need Helped: 4
  • Charitable Organizations Funded: 1

2018 Statistics

  • Donations Received: $5,120
  • Children/Families in Need Helped: 5
  • Charitable Organizations Funded: 0

2019 Statistics

  • Donations Received: $5,576
  • Member Relief Efforts: 4
  • Charitable Organizations Funded: 2


LWI has been able to aid children and families in times of need all over the world, and with your help we can continue bringing hope to children and families in need through the positive power of STAR WARS™!

Your help is very much appreciated.

Click here to donate to the MMCC