The command structure of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club is based on all known references to Mandalorian Culture in STAR WARS™ canon, Expanded Universe, and “Legends” material. The cultural leader, or Mandalore (Mand’alor), is the Chief Executive Officer, Chairperson and public figurehead of the MMCC.

Under the Mandalore sits the Prime Minister (Vice-Chairperson & Conclave President), Archivist (Secretary), Exchequer (Treasurer & Chief Financial Officer), and three member elected Ministers.  All of these position collectively make up MMCC’s international board of directors or “International Command Council”.

The Office of Mandalore also contains the the Administrative Cabinet, department heads who manage the day-to-day aspects of MMCC through their administrative teams.   The Regional Conclave is made up of member-elected officers who represent the Official Membership in organizational decisions and votes.

Lastly, Clan Command Staffs run the various local chapters of the MMCC.  Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club is a registered 501(c)(10) domestic fraternal within in the USA, and a legally recognized non-profit organization in several other countries.

Command Council

    • Chairperson & Chief Executive Officer
    • Mandalore
    • Tom Hutchens
    • "Mandalore the Uniter"
    • Vice-Chairperson & Conclave President
    • Prime Minister
    • Candice
    • "candygirl_mn13"

Command Staff

Regional Staff

    • Regional Commander
    • Europe
    • RC
    • Baud Catelle
    • "Aran Dral'Tor"
    • Regional Commander
    • Latin America
    • RC
    • Gus Leal
    • "Ultk Var Dar"
    • Regional Commander
    • North Eastern USA
    • RC
    • Brian Raymor
    • "Azrayel"
    • Regional Commander
    • South Eastern USA
    • RC
    • Ash Hill
    • "Jin'thal Ca'vallas"
    • Regional Commander
    • North Central USA
    • RC
    • Ken Thompson
    • "Desago"
    • Regional Commander
    • South Central USA
    • RC
    • Mathew Robinson
    • "Raynos Ge'tal"
    • Regional Commander
    • Canada
    • RC
    • Calvin Ference
    • "Vez Nau'ur"
    • Regional Commander
    • Oceania
    • RC
    • Hayden Muirhead
    • "Tanosia"

App Team and Brigades Team Staff