Keldabe Talk Radio (KTR) is the official podcast for the Mandalorian Mercs costume club. In production since winter 2007, our very own online radio show airs (usually) once a month through download on this page. You can also find us on iTunes by clicking the correct link above. If you have any questions or comments, please email us. Please also join in the discussion on our very own forum board, linked below. You may also subscribe to our RSS to download all of our shows and listen on the go! Have a question? Use the link above to go to our forum and ask. We’ll answer.

(All previous episodes can be downloaded from our previous host at BlogTalk Radio.)

Cast Biographies

Chro Message

Chro (Ian Anderson) has been an official member of the Mercs since 2010. He is a member of Wampa Clan, and serves as the host and producer of KTR. He also works on the Mercs PR Team, helping to keep the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr interesting.  Chro is a graduate of NESCOM with a Bachelors degree in Radio Broadcasting, and has a day job at IDEXX Laboratories. He enjoys beta testing video games (such as TOR) and volunteering to help run one of the largest convention in Maine, PortCon.  Chro is located in Saco, Maine.   “It’s not what it is, it’s what it looks like.”

Thaxos Message

Thaxos (Sean Thomson) has been an official member of the Mercs since October 2009. He was instrumental in bringing the Mercs to Winnipeg by attending conventions and showing off his hand-made metal armor. He is involved with a local makerspace and is experimenting with various fabrication CNC machines. Thaxos works for a company producing autopilots for UAVs, and builds robots as a second hobby. He’s also an avid motorcyclist.  Thaxos has the distinction of being the Podcast’s only Canadian member. Thaxos is located in Winnipeg, MB Canada.   “[My] favorite thing about Mercs would have to be the charity aspect, and seeing the reactions of people young and old.” – Thaxos

Pinocchio Message

Pinocchio (Brian McCulloch) has been an official member of the Mercs since November 2008. He is a member of the App Team. Pinocchio is also his region’s Public Relations liaison.  Pinocchio is a Navy Veteran, and has worked in the defense industry for seventeen years. In his free time, Pinocchio runs McCulloch Art Studios.  He specializes in Classical, Portrait, and Nerd art. Pinocchio is located somewhere in Florida.   “Nice concept, now go build it.” 

Arch Message

Arch (A. Anderson) became an official member of the Mercs on the same day as Chro in 2010, and she’s been helping hold down the fort up in Wampa territory ever since. When she’s not wearing the armor, she’s a graphic designer. When she is wearing the armor, she’s still a graphic designer but it’s a little harder to see what she’s working on. Arch is located in Maine.

Mishakitty Message

Mishakitty (Melissa “Misha” Nell) joined the MMCC in 2012. Misha enjoys helping out with all levels of the club; she works on the PR team as the PR XO to help write articles for BattleCry and find content for the Facebook page. As a dual member of both the Rebel Legion and the 501st Legion, Misha strives to promote cross club events and build connections between the groups. Misha has an adult job (she swears) which generally involves naturey goodness. She has a Master’s Degree in environmental education and loves sharing the wonders of the great outdoors with others. Misha also leads Caravan Project Sarasota, a professional bellydance troupe. In her spare time Misha enjoys adventuring with her husband, crafting, and reading.  Mishas can be found in their native habitat: the sunshine state of Florida.   “When all else fails, cover it in glitter”

Frost K'Amon Message

Frost K’Amon (Eric West) officially joined the Mercs in August of 2007. He was one of the founding members of Talon Clan, and served as it’s Ver’alor from 2008 to 2010. Frost arguably has the most costumes out of any of the Podcast team. Frost has a BA in History from NCSU. In his free time he enjoys wood working, drawing, and prop making, and is a film and videogame nut. Frost is located in North Carolina.   “Mercs has been my costuming home since 2007, and I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to have wasted this much time and money with.

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